Populating Databases

Populating Databases

I am trying to populate the stores (demo) database with a SQL script through dbaccess. The script keeps on returning syntax errors. The script is as follows:

DECLARE status INTEGER;LET status = 1;WHILE status = 100000 THEN      BREAK   else      CONTINUE;END WHILE;

The product is installed and the demo database has been created successfully and can be manipulated. I have tried dbimport but have no data available to import!

Could you please inform me why this will not run? (I am using Informix OnLine Dynamic Server 7.31 on Sun Solaris 5.6.)

This is a shell script, not a SQL script. There should be a file called “dbaccessdemo*” in $INFORMIXDIR/bin. Run this from a shell prompt and you should be OK.


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