Finding Out if a User Has Disabled Cookies

How do I find out if a user has disabled cookies?


To find out if a user has disabled cookies, follow these steps:

  1. Set a cookie.
  2. Redirect to your own page.
  3. In the redirect, read the cookie.
  4. If your cookie has a value, user has enabled cookies. If there is no value, then the user has disabled cookies.
  5. Use the Querystring to determine if you are on step 1 or step 3.

To set the cookie, use the following code:

   Dim strCookie, strTry   strCookie = Request.Cookies("MyCookie")   strTry = Request.QueryString("Try")	   If strCookie = "" Then      ' Check to see if this is a redirect       ' after setting the cookie      If strTry = "" Then 	         Response.Cookies("MyCookie") = "Set"         ' Redirect to this page and try again.         Response.Redirect(Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")
& "?Try=Yes") Else ' User/Browser didn't accept cookies ' Do something... End If Else ' -- Hooray! User is accepting cookies ' -- Delete our cookie: by setting its ' -- expiry date to waaaay back Response.Cookies("MyCookie").Expires = "January 1, 1980" ' Do something... End If

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