Data Field Refresh on Forms

Data Field Refresh on Forms

I have a multi-page form with navigation controls on the first page. When I “Next”through the records, the data fields refresh fine on Page One but not on the other pages.What am I doing wrong?

The Next button calls the refresh method of the pageframe. For GUI optimization reasons,VFP only refreshes the currently visible page when the refresh method of a pageframe iscalled. There are two approaches you could take to solve your problem:

  1. Add the following code to the Activate event of each page in the pageframe:

    This will refresh each page as it is activated.


  2. Put the following code into the Refresh method of the pageframe:
    LOCAL lnPageFOR lnPage = 1 TO This.PageCount    this.Pages(lnPage).Refresh()ENDFOR

    This will call the refresh method of each page in the pageframe.


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