Oninit Dying Unexplainably

Oninit Dying Unexplainably

My Informix 7.30 dies occasionally and returns the following message:

16:01:06  Checkpoint Completed:  
duration was 0 seconds.16:06:06 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.16:11:06 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.16:16:06 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 1 seconds.16:19:45 Logical Log 24506 Complete.16:19:45 Process exited with return code 155:
/bin/sh /bin/sh -c /export/home/informix/etc/log_full.sh 2 23
"Logical Log 24506 Complete." "Logical Log 24506 Complete."16:21:07 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.16:26:07 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.16:26:41 Assert Failed: No Exception Handler16:26:41 Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.30.UC5 16:26:41 Who: Session(64, [email protected], 1241, 0) Thread(104, sqlexec, 0, 1) File: mtex.c Line: 31416:26:41 Results: Exception Caught. Type: MT_EX_OS,
Context: mem16:26:41 Action: Please notify Informix Technical Support.16:26:43 See Also: '16:27:11 mtex.c, line 314, thread 104,
proc id 375, No Exception Handler.16:27:13 PANIC: Attempting to bring system down17:04:46 Requested shared memory segment size rounded
from 12784KB to 16384KB17:04:47 Segment locked: addr=0xa000000, size=16777216Fri Jul 7 17:04:47 200017:04:47 Event alarms enabled. ALARMPROG =
'/export/home/informix/etc/log_full.sh'17:04:53 DR: DRAUTO is 0 (Off)17:04:53 Requested shared memory segment size rounded
from 600KB to 608KB17:04:54 Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.30.UC5
Software Serial Number ACN#J30762517:04:56 Informix Dynamic Server Initialized -- Shared
Memory Initialized.17:04:57 Physical Recovery Started.17:04:57 Physical Recovery Complete: 0 Pages Restored.17:04:57 Logical Recovery Started.17:04:59 Logical Recovery Complete. 3 Committed, 0 Rolled Back, 0 Open, 0 Bad Locks17:04:59 Dataskip is now OFF for all dbspaces17:04:59 (16) connection rejected - no calls
allowed for sqlexec 17:04:59 listener-thread: err = -27002: oserr = 0:
errstr = : No connections are allowed in Dynamic
Server quiescent mode.17:04:59 On-Line Mode17:04:59 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.

What’s the problem?

Looks like it’s dying because of some sort of a mutex problem. Call Informix Support Services and be prepared to give them the two files mentioned above, /tmp/af.683d0 and shmem.683d01.0.

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