Printing a Report to a RTF or HTML File

Printing a Report to a RTF or HTML File

Can you create a HTML or RTF file in Visual FoxPro? If so, how?

VFP comes with a program (called GENHTML.PRG) that can generate HTML from many different sources: tables, reports, menus, forms, etc.

VFP keeps the name and path of this program in a system memory variable called _GENHTML. You can view the code by executing the following command from the command window:

Here is the list of parameters for _GENHTML:

  • cOutFile: Specifies the name of the output .HTM file. If a filename without an extension is specified, .HTM is used.
  • vSource: Specifies the source filename, alias, or object (can pass the name of a table, screen, report, menu, or an object).
  • nShow:
    • 0/.F./Empty = Generate output file only
    • 1 = Create output file and view generated file
    • 2 = Create output file and show generated file in Internet Explorer
    • 3 = Create output file and show based on Save As HTML dialog selection
    • 4 = Create PUBLIC _oHTML object and generate file
    • 5 = Create PUBLIC _oHTML object without generating file
  • vIELink: Specifies a link to Internet Explorer object or Web browser control:
    • F./Empty = No link is created
    • .T. = Automatically creates instance of Internet Explorer
  • cStyle: Specifies Style ID reference in GenHTML.dbf.
  • cScope: Specifies the scope of scan by setting .cScope.
  • cHTMLClass: Specifies the class and, optionally, the class library and module that is instantiated for HTML object.

So to send a report named MyReport.FRX to an .HTM file named MyHTML.HTM and show it in Internet Explorer, execute the following command:


The cStyle parameter allows you to apply style sheets to the generated text.


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