Recursive Function Finds a Control on a Form

Recursive Function Finds a Control on a Form

This recursive function finds a control on a form by its name.

//written in C#/// <summary>///Recursive function to find control on the form by its name/// 

private Control _co;private Control _find_control(Control _c, string _name){ if (_co != null) return _co; IEnumerator _ir = _c.Controls.GetEnumerator(); _ir.Reset(); while (_ir.MoveNext()) { if (_co != null) break; if (((Control)_ir.Current).Name == _name) { _co = ((Control)_ir.Current); break; } _find_control(((Control)_ir.Current),_name); } return _co;}//usage examplesForm1 _fm = (Form1)this.FindForm();_co = null;DataGrid _dg = (DataGrid)_find_control((Control)_fm,"GRID1");_co = null;Label _lbl = (Label)_find_control((Control)_fm,"Label1");

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