Combine Default with Other Attributes

Combine Default with Other Attributes

When building an ActiveX control, you can set a default property or method using the Procedure Attributesdialog box, after clicking on the Advanced button. However, if your default property also happens to requireanother special attribute-as is the case with Caption and Text properties-you’re in trouble because theProcedure ID combo box only permits one selection.Suppose your ActiveX control exposes a Caption property you want to behave as a regular property-forexample, all keys typed in the Property window are immediately reflected in the control itself. In order toachieve this behavior, assign the Caption attribute to this property in the Procedure ID combo box (see tip”Properties That Behave Like Text and Caption”). If you also want to make it the default property, you mustresort to a trick: declare another, hidden property that delegates to your Caption property, and set this newproperty as the default member of the ActiveX control. The name of this property is not important because theuser never sees it:

 Property Get DefaultProp() As String        DefaultProp = CaptionEnd PropertyProperty Let DefaultProp(newValue As _        String)        Caption = newValueEnd Property


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