More Versatile Array Parameters

More Versatile Array Parameters

You can write a single procedure that accepts any type of array as an argument by using a variantparameter. Within the procedure, address the array using the usual syntax:

 ' return the number of itemsFunction ItemCount(anArray As Variant) _        As LongItemCount = UBound(anArray) - _        LBound(anArray) + 1' the first element is ' anArray(LBound(anArray))End Function

You can even pass a matrix with any number of dimensions; in order to understand how many dimensions,you must iterate on the UBound or LBound functions until an error occurs:

 Function ItemCount(anArray As Variant) _        As LongDim items As Long, i As IntegerOn Error Resume Nextitems = UBound(anArray) - _        LBound(anArray) + 1For i = 2 to 999        items = items * (UBound(anArray, _                i) - LBound(anArray, i) + 1)        If Err Then Exit ForNextItemCount = itemsEnd Function
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