4 Entry-Level Information Technology Jobs to Launch Your Career

information technology jobs

Are you a recent college graduate looking to get into technology? Maybe you’re a huge enthusiast and are looking for a change of pace in your career. No matter what angle you come from, the world of IT is brimming with opportunities. It’s simply a matter of finding information technology jobs that play to your strengths and give you the chance to grow.

Why Choose an Information Technology Job?

Right now, the tech market is booming. Virtually every company is looking to expand into the digital world, and that shows no signs of stopping. The digital market only continues to grow. Because of this, there’s an extremely high need for jobs to help facilitate a firm’s growth in the digital space.

On top of that, entry-level IT jobs are accessible. You can take classes on information technology at job centers and through online courses, and you will only continue to learn as you enter the information technology workforce.

Plus, IT gives you the opportunity to find what you love. Two information technology jobs at two different companies can look entirely different. This is even true of two different positions at the same company. If you’re looking for your niche, then starting off with an IT position can help you find it.

Help Desk Analyst

Many IT professionals start their careers working at the help desk As the name suggests, your job as a help desk analyst is to troubleshoot technology issues, both internally and externally. This position covers a lot of basic information technology concepts, and as you work in this position, you’ll gain knowledge to help you move upward. Usually, help desk work is divided into Tier I and Tier II, with Tier II handling more complex technical issues.

One important thing to note about a help desk position is that it requires some soft skills. Since you work directly with people who are not as tech-savvy, you need to have good interpersonal skills and patience with those who might need some extra guidance. On average, a help desk technician makes around $47,000 annually. If you’re looking for an information technology job that is good for beginners, then check out help desk positions in your area.

Computer Operator

Similar to other support IT roles, a computer operator is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and updates of hardware and software within a company. This job requires a wider range of knowledge but is still a good fit for entry-level workers.

If interested, you should brush up on information about networking, hardware, and software. It’s likely they’ll want to test your skills in job interviews, so it’s recommended to keep that knowledge on hand. Soft skills are necessary for this position as well, considering a large portion of the job is troubleshooting hardware issues within the company. Those in this position make an average salary of $48,000 per year.

Cybersecurity Technician

Information technology jobs go far beyond support roles. As a cybersecurity technician, you are in charge of the security of the network, including software and hardware updates to protect users in the company. Positions in cybersecurity are particularly lucrative because they require industry knowledge and are currently in very high demand. It makes sense: as the digital market continues to grow, companies need to protect themselves from bad actors.

One possible setback to a position like this is background. Although entry-level cybersecurity jobs are available, most employers would like a degree in an IT-related field. However, that does not completely rule out the position for those without a college degree. Information technology certificates and other training programs are available and worth taking advantage of, even if cybersecurity is not your ideal position. Annually, someone in this position would make $65,000 on average.

QA Analyst

An essential part of the development process, quality assurance (or just QA) analysts are some of the last people to get a hold of the final product. Their responsibilities include finding and resolving issues or bugs in games, programs and more. The idea is to get to the problems before the user can and prevent issues once the product has launched.

While an excellent starting information technology job, most employers would prefer that you have a background in IT through study. Having knowledge about software development such as Agile is also a huge plus. On average, people in this position make around $83,000 per year.

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