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IDC: React Native Nearly Ready for Enterprise Use

The Facebook-created tool allows developers to create native mobile apps using JavaScript.


In a new report titled "The Evolving State of Mobile Software Development," IDC analyst Al Hilwa said that enterprises are embracing hybrid mobile development tools that allow them to create native mobile apps using Web technologies. In particular, developers seem enthusiastic about Facebook's recently open sourced React Native tool, which is based on JavaScript. "This blend of capabilities in React Native appears to have hit a home run with app developers as it provides a truly native user interface feel to the application while retaining a more agile Web model of software development," Hilwa wrote.

"IDC believes that React Native puts forward an important new paradigm for hybrid app development that liberates mobile developers from the confines of the WebView component, which is typically used with the Apache Cordova hybrid approach," Hilwa added. "By removing the dependency on WebView, React Native essentially delivers native performance and opens the entire capability of the native device platform to the Web developer. React Native is early on the maturity curve and will likely remain unsuited for broad enterprise adoption until late 2016."

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