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Informix - Page 4

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by DevX Pro
Why when I try to run sqlexecd to set up ODBC do I get an error: -25553 unable to load locale categories.
Changing Database Names
by DevX Pro
How do I change the name of a database?
Conversion of Unix Epoch Time in SQL
by DevX Pro
How do I convert the Unix epoch time into a readable date/time format?
Convert Informix File to Text File
by DevX Pro
How do I convert Informix data under Unix to a text file?
Database Connectivity From Informix on Unix
by DevX Pro
Is there an ODBC driver that can connect our existing Informix database on Unix to SQL Server 7.0 on NT 4.0?
Informix to SQL 7
by DevX Pro
How do I convert Informix Database to SQL Server 7, or even to Access?
Converting Datatype Within Informix SQL
by DevX Pro
I am trying to select various values from various fields. I want to be able to concatenate the results into a string variable, then insert the string into another table. What function do I use to convert the fields into a string so that I can join them together?
Exporting a Table Informix 7.25
by DevX Pro
How do I export only one table, then import the same table back into Informix?
Dbspace Marked Down
by DevX Pro
I have tried to reorganize Informix chunks on my disks. So I stopped the Informix and started to copy chunks to a new location with a cplv command (AIX). After the copy was successful, I changed the links to new logical volumes, which contain copies of each chunk. But I misspelled the Informix chunk name in one link. So when I brought the Informix online, the dbspace that contained that chunk was marked as down. Dbspaces are not mirrored. How can I tell Informix that this dbspace is OK and that flag down should be removed? Data in this chunk are OK, because I have no problems with other copied chunks.
Software to Convert Informix dat to dbf
by DevX Pro
Is there any software that will convert database files from Informix to dbf files?
PDQ and Xtree
by DevX Pro
How can I set the PDQPRIORITY for every user in the database? I am also trying to get Xtree to work on the same system so I can better analyze user queries but can't figure out how to do that either.
REPORT Functionality Within Informix
by DevX Pro
What does a return code of 100 mean on a START REPORT statement?
Database Performance
by DevX Pro
Our Sun E450 system seems slow, especially when 20 users log in together to our Baan ERP system. The physical RAM is 640MB and the disk space has about 57 percent capacity left. Why is the system slow, and what should I do the make it better?
Insert and Amend Datestamps
by DevX Pro
I have a table in Informix that is changed regularly. The records have no datestamp, so how do I get the date/time of amends and inserts to this table without altering the table structure or using triggers (I can't do any alterations to the database)?
SQLCODE Error -0000019514
by DevX Pro
When I do a DECLARE CURSOR FOR SELECT, it returns a SQLCODE = 0. When I do an OPEN CURSOR, it also returns a SQLCODE = 0. But I have trouble with the FETCH cursor-name INTO data-items and get a "SQLCODE = -0000019514 with a SQLERRMG = CURSOR IS NOT PREPARED." Any suggestions?
Error 208
by DevX Pro
Error 208 appears regularly on my IBM RS6000 running Informix 7.3. The onconfig setting for shared mem is 0 ( no limit). What do I do about this?
Data Conversion
by DevX Pro
What is the most efficient method of converting Informix data in a Unix operating system to text or dbf data in an NT operating system (size = 8GB)?
Is Informix ANSI ?
by DevX Pro
I have three quick questions: Is the Informix standard ANSI? Does it accept the function CAST()? What is the largest size char that I can declare?
Convert Time for Numbers
by DevX Pro
Does Informix have a function that converts datetime chars for numbers?
Informix Error Logging
by DevX Pro
Does Informix keep a log of runtime errors? If it does, where can I find it?
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