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Detect Internet Connection in C#
by Hannes du Preez
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
Sometimes you Don't Need a Variable
by Oracy
Language: Visual Basic Classic (6 and earlier)||Expertise: Beginner
Using the SQL MINUS Operator
by Hannes du Preez
Memory Tuning: Key Performance Indicators
by Ram Lakshmanan
Language: Java||Expertise: Advanced
Determine What Permissions the User Has on the System
by Hannes du Preez
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
Passing the Missing Function Value
by Oracy
Language: Visual Basic Classic (6 and earlier)||Expertise: Intermediate
Adding Longs Without Overflowing
by Oracy
Obtaining the Next Number in a Sequence Using a Stored Procedure and an Output Parameter
by Hannes du Preez
Language: SQL||Expertise: Beginner
Runtime Mode
by Oracy
Language: Visual Basic Classic (6 and earlier)||Expertise: Advanced
When to use CType, TryCast, DirectCast, CBool, etc.
by Oracy
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner When you need to cast some type to another type in VB, you should favor the "classical" functions CBool, CByte, CInt, CLng, CDec, CSng, CDbl, CDate, CStr and the "new" kids on the block (CSByte, CShort, CUShort, CUInt, CULng, CChar, and CObj) as they were designed exactly for it.
Referencing External Configuration Files in .NET
by Deepak Choudhari
Use two separate configuration files to represent settings for development and production environments.
Globally Register User and Custom Controls in ASP.NET
by Deepak Choudhari
Avoid having to include the <@Register> command on every page that needs a custom or user control.
Return a Unique Bean Instance from a Spring Container
by Prem Kumar
Define the bean as a prototype bean.
Preserve Browser Scroll Position After a Postback
by Nagaraj Divella
When a user posts values back to the server, you can maintain the same scroll position after the response using these methods.
Using the deployment Element's retail Attribute
by Nagaraj Ramesh
This attribute inhibits settings used to support web application development.
Add "Copy To Folder" and "Move To Folder" to Windows Explorer's Context Menus
by Srinath MS
Customize your Windows Explorer context menu by adding these two convenient commands.
How to Store Oracle 10g Log Files in XML
by Srinath MS
Oracle 10g supports several ways to store log files, including XML.
Turn on Path Auto-Completion in DOS
by deepak choudhari
To avoid typing full path names, enable DOS's auto-completion feature, which is included in any Windows NT operating system.
Obtain the Local Absolute Path of a Class File
This tip shows how to obtain the local absolute path of a class file containing the specified class name, as prescribed by the current classpath.
Truncate a Path String
by Srinath MS
Currently, there is no .NET class that provides this functionality. The workaround is to use the Windows Shell function (PathCompactPathEx).
41-60 of 368     Previous     Next
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