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Applets - Page 4

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Writing applet to send info from forms to email address
by DevX Pro
I am wondering if I can write an applet that will send information from a number of forms to my email address without all the %$= etc. and without using CGI scripts (my server doesn't allow CGI scripts).
Creating Java packages or library files
by DevX Pro
I am creating an application by using Symantec Cafe wherein I am using one applet, from which I am calling a series of frames. I have some common functions and variables amongst these frames that I must write in each frame code. I am thinking of making a Java package or library file that I would like to import when required in my Frame code. Is it possible?
Data input
by DevX Pro
I need to pass some data from the user to my applet (or application) which is to be entered from the keyboard, using TextField. The data is repetitive (it fills an array), so when the user enters data for one field of an array, he is to enter another, and another and so on, until all the data is entered. After that, user must enter data from the same TextField into another array, for example, and so on, until everything is known. Because of the amount of data, I can't use parameters in the APPLET tag. This whole thing should be similar to something like this in C: while(entering_data1) { printf("Please enter data"); scanf("%s",&data1[x]); } ... while(entering_data2) { printf("Please enter data"); scanf("%s",&data2[y]); }
How to copy Java source code from Web page applets
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to copy Java source code from applets used on Web pages?
JDK1.1 and Web browsers
by DevX Pro
Do the changes made in the 1.1 API mean that if one wanted to write applets for the Web, one would have to use a previous version of the JDK? That is, do the browsers have knowledge of the API, or do they just execute bytecodes, so that changes in the API do not mean waiting for new browsers to ship? Or, have lower-level revisions occurred that affect the current bytecode 'instruction set'?
Scrolling status bar message
by DevX Pro
How can I make a message that will scroll in the status bar?
Which browsers support the JDK1.1 or JDK1.1.1?
by DevX Pro
I want to run my applet on a browser, but I do not know which versions of the following browsers can support programs made by JDK1.1 or JDK1.1.1. 1. Netscape: Which version can support this? (I am using Netscape 3.0 or later version) 2. Microsoft Internet Explorer: Which version can support this? (I use IE 3.01 or 4.0)
How do I jump to a URL from a window (frame)?
by DevX Pro
My problem is that the main applet serves as a sort of navigator page. When the user clicks a certain mouse xy the applet opens a new window (frame). This new frame contains some more graphics and servers as a sub-navigation window. When the user clicks a mouse xy in the window, the applet must make a : getAppletContext().showDocument(theURL,"_main");, which under normal curcumtances opens a new browser window with the URL. PThe problem is that this seams impossible because I can't even compile the code; I get the message "Can't make static reference to method java.net.URL getDocument." The mouse handler is placed in the main applet and not in the window's class. If I place it in the window's class I get the message "method getDocumentBase() not found in MyFrame" (the name of the window class). Any suggestions?
Logging users' e-mail addresses
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to log my users' e-mail addresses using Java? I thought of using a mailto form but the user would have to press a button, making this inconvenient and messy for me to access! I am getting about four hits a day on a site that is not advertised and is really meant as a way for me to access my backed-up reports from school! I would like to see who is on my site and e-mail them to find out how they found it. I also want to implement a warning informing users that their e-mail addresses are being logged. I know it can be done because I have been getting e-mail from sites that I have visited and I never sent them mail or clicked any buttons other than links. If you can assure me this is possible, and maybe send me the code, I would greatly appreciate it!
Changing Applet's Background Color
by DevX Pro
Can you tell me how to change the background color of an applet from the normal grey to white? I would greatly appreciate it.
Creating Multiple Frames (Windows) that Work Under a Single Frame
by DevX Pro
I am attempting to implement an applet that needs multiple frames (windows) that all belong or work under a single frame — sort of like an MDI application. However, each of the windows will differ from each other in size, shape, components, etc. An example might be Symantec's Cafe IDE for Java with the different windows for the Project, Output and Editor, all working under a single frame. Is there a way to do this in Java? Currently, while I can easily create popup windows or frames, they don't work within a single parent frame, and other application windows can get intertwined within my applet window. I also don't want to make each child window modal.
How Can Java Applet Display HTML?
by DevX Pro
I believe there is a JavaScript function: 'ShowDocument(URL,targetFrame)' Is there a way to replicate this in Java? I realize that in the future the solution may materialize when a relationship between Java and JavaScript develops. I presume Java would then have the ability to access JavaScript variables and functions.
Sending E-mail from Java Applet
by DevX Pro
How do I send e-mail from Java? Do I have to open a socket to a specific port on my server (and if so, which port and what should the data stream look like)? Or is there an easier way? Are there any restrictions on doing this from an applet?
Setting Cursor in Applet Code in Browser Window
by DevX Pro
The AWT's Frame class provides a setCursor method that allows me to set the cursor to one of the standard images (arrow, watch, etc.). The problem is I'm implementing an applet that lives in a browser window, not in a frame. How can I set the cursor in applet code (short of creating an invisible frame and calling its setCursor method)?
Use Special Syntax to Find Applet Running in Another Frame?
by DevX Pro
I have two applets running on the same page, one in each of two frames. I want them to communicate, but when I do a getAppletContext.getApplet() call, the second applet can't find the first. I've gone through the enumeration returned by getApplets(), and only the applet that makes the call is found. Is there a special syntax I have to use to find an applet running in another frame?
Creating Applet to Ping IP Address
by DevX Pro
I would like to create a very simple applet that pings an IP address and returns a message stating whether that IP is alive. I couldn't find any straightforward answers to my problem in the java.net package. How can I create a program with Java that performs this task?
Creating Java Applet to Play .au File on Startup
by DevX Pro
I am trying to create a Java routine to play an .au file when it starts up (I want to then add this as a startup to my Web page). I have been hacking for the last few days, but cannot get it to compile. I think I am missing something obvious.
Including Reserved Characters in Strings Passed to Applet from PARAM Tag
by DevX Pro
How do I include reserved characters such as double-quote in the strings passed to an applet from a PARAM tag? Standard SGML entities don't work; the UNIX backslash method doesn't work. I'd like to be able to do this: It must be possible...
Using Preexisting Software to Write User Data to a File
by DevX Pro
I am trying to write a Java applet which can retrieve data from the user and then write it to a file on the server. Unfortunately I do not have the access to create a program on my server to take the data and write it to a file. Is there a way I can use pre-existing software (such as an ftp program) on my server to accomplish this task?
Will Downloading Java Applets Fill Hard Disk?
by DevX Pro
Constant downloading and fear of accumulating masses of useless files is turning me off on Internet. My concept of Java is that exe files, etc., will be on the server, thus eliminating need for constant downloads. Is it possible yet to browse the Web using programs that are there, too? If so, please direct me to the proper course.
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