Enterprises Address App Encryption Vulnerabilities After Being Exposed by a Blog

A recent Wandera blog post called out sixteen enterprises for not encrypting credit card information in transit. “With so many breaches and costly data loss incidents in the news, it’s hard to believe that any business would fail to take such a basic precaution as to encrypt sensitive traffic as it’s transmitted to or from a website,” said Michael J. Covington, senior product manager for Wandera.

Five of the named companies ? easyJet, Chiltern Railways, San Diego Zoo, CN Tower, and Aer Lingus ? have since corrected the encryption problems. However, Wandera says that Dash Card Services, KV Cars ,,, Oui Car, Air Canada, American Taxi, Get Hotwired, Tribeca Med Spa, Air Asia and Sistic still have security vulnerabilities that need fixing.

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