Outside Groups Work on a New Version of Java EE

Outside Groups Work on a New Version of Java EE

Frustrated with Oracle’s slow pace of work on Java EE, two outside groups?Java EE Guardians and they are working on enhancements for the open source platform on their own. MicroProfile wants to add microservices around Jax-RS, CDI and Java API for JSON Processing to Java EE. Java EE Guardians is working on Java EE features related to security, Java Message Service, and Jax-RS.

Both groups say it would not be correct to refer to their work as a fork. “A complete fork in the pure open source sense for Java EE is far too risky from a legal standpoint,” said Reza Rahman, leader of Java EE Guardians and a former Java EE evangelist at Oracle. “What can be done is re-create APIs from scratch without using any of the existing Java EE APIs. That’s both hard and very regrettable because Java EE APIs are so pervasive.”

Java EE 8 is slated for release in mid-2017, but leaders in the Java community doubt whether Oracle will have the update ready on time.

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