Web, Hybrid Development Outpacing Native Development in the Enterprise

Web, Hybrid Development Outpacing Native Development in the Enterprise

A new mobile development survey from OutSystems finds that many enterprise developers are embracing mobile, but they are using Web and hybrid development tools more often than native mobile development tools. “The majority of IT organizations report that the mobile architectures they intend to use the most this year are hybrid (65 percent) and mobile Web (60 percent),” said the report. Only 26 percent of those surveyed said they will be using native tools.

However, other recent reports have found very different results related to the popularity of Web, hybrid and native development tools. ADTmag suggests that those disparities show “how chaotic the mobile development field is right now, with each company trying to find the right approach for its needs and reaching little industry-wide consensus — especially among the developers themselves.”

The OutSystems survey also noted that the majority of those surveyed said that more than half of the apps they create this year will have a mobile component.

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