#9: Linux/Windows

#9: Linux/Windows

The evangelical nature of Linux makes it easy for newbies to get by. We’ve listed a few Web sites here to help you while you’re learning, but there are scads more. And the good news is that everything’s free!

Conversely, because Windows is so ubiquitous, there’s information everywhere?the real trouble lies in deciding which aspect of Windows you want to know about and finding information that is up-to-date and accurate. We’ve included a basic Windows API tutorial as well as a few links to representative material, but this topic is simply too broad to provide any real focus.

Again, we’re not saying you need to become an OS guru, just that you understand the basic principles of each environment.


Linux Now Tutorial: Introduction
Get Your Toes Wet with Open Source
How to Get Linux on Your Corporate Desktop
The Wild, Wild World of Linux Desktops

Linux.org: Linux Lessons
DevX eLearning: Technical General Package
Groovyweb Tutorials: Linux Tutorials

Good Links:
Fresh Meat.net
Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

DevX open.source.general Discussion Group
DevX linux.general Discussion Group

A Practical Guide to Linux, by Mark G. Sobell.


Windows 2000: The Overview
Windows API Tutorials
Windows Scripting Host
Confirming Users
NT File Attributes
Windows Get Help

Free Online Microsoft Windows Course and Tutorials
Learnthat.com: Basic Windows Tutorials
DevX eLearning: Technical Microsoft Package

Good Links:
Windows Developer Network

Discussion Groups:
DevX enterprise.windowsnt.backoffice Discussion Group
DevX windows.development Discussion Group
Yahoo Groups windowsce-dev

Windows Programming Programmer’s Notebook, by Mario Giannini and Jim Keogh.

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