How to Find the End of a File in Java

How to Find the End of a File in Java

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Easily find the end of file that you are processing. Scanner again has a easier way of doing it.

import java.util.*;import*;public class EndOfFile {   public static void main(String args[])   {      EndOfFile endOfFile = new EndOfFile();      endOfFile.proceed();   }   final String fileName = "/mypc/";      private void proceed()   {      Scanner input = null;      try      {         //initializing the Scanner input with the file name         input = new Scanner(new File(fileName));         //Checking if a nextLine exists         while(input.hasNextLine())         {            //Reading the nextLine            System.out.println(input.nextLine());         }      }catch(FileNotFoundException fnf)      {         System.out.println("Exception: "+fnf);         //do Nothing      }   }}/*Expected output:[root@mypc]# java EndOfFileWill print the complete source code of*/ 


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