Use a Collection to Filter out Duplicate Values

Use a Collection to Filter out Duplicate Values

This code illustrates how to use a Collection to automatically generate a unique set of values from a set of datacontaining duplicates. In this example, scan a string array and sort all unique items using a list-box control:

 Sub Remove_Duplicates(arr() As String)        Dim i As Long        Dim RawData As String        Dim DataValues As New Collection        On Error Resume Next        ' Specifically to ignore run-time         ' error 457 - Duplicate key        For i = LBound(arr) To UBound(arr)                RawData = arr(i)                DataValues.Add RawData, RawData                ' If Run-time error 457 occurs,                 ' Duplicate key is ignored        Next         On Error GoTo 0        ' Store in List Box         ' (with Sorted property set to True)        lstSortedData.Clear        For Each DataValue In DataValues                lstSortedData.AddItem DataValue        NextEnd Sub
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