Problem with Filter function and char()

Problem with Filter function and char()

I want to filter out data from a datawindow during runtime. I have a sle-field in which the user enters a search string (for example, “SM”). This should be used to filter one column in the datawindow, in this case the Name-column. Since the user entered “SM,” the program should list:


and so on–all names beginning with “SM.”I tried to use following SetFilter string:

dw_search.SetFilter("left(name, '"+char(ll_Filter_Length)+"') = '"+ sle_search.Text+"'")

But that doesn’t work. If I change '"+char(ll_Filter_Length)+"' to 3 or another digit, it works, but since I want the search function to be flexible (that is, the user can enter different long search words), this isn’t any good.

You need to use the String function instead of the char function.


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