Creating a Report for a Video Store

Creating a Report for a Video Store

I have a Visual Basic project about a video store, for which I have to produce a report that includes the following:

  1. Top 10 movies last month
  2. Number of new customer accounts during last month
  3. Revenue the store had last month

Can you please help me with the above three statements?

For the first, you can try something like this:

 SELECT MovieNameFROM Movies;GROUP BY moviename HAVING COUNT(moviename)>=10

or you can just try SET ROWCOUNT to 10. For the second, try this:

 SELECT COUNT(customer_id)FROM customersWHERE start_date > getdate()-30

Actually, you will have to play with this one if you want the month name. For example, use the CONVERT function.

Finally, you can use this for the third item:

SELECT SUM(sales) FROM storesGROUP BY store

When you get a moment, read up and study about aggregates and the group by expression.


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