Informix ODBC Drivers 3.31

Informix ODBC Drivers 3.31

I am currently running Informix Dynamic Server 2000 version 9.20 TC1 on an NT server, Service Pack 6a. I have existing Visual Basic 5 applications that are using ADO 2.1 to connect to the Informix Database using the new Informix 3.31 ODBC drivers.

When the VB applications try to update a table, I get the following error message:

    Error 3251. The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider. ADODB.Recordset in updaterow.

The updates work just fine if I use the Informix 3.11 ODBC driver. The suggestions that Informix tech support provided me were no help on this issue. Do you have any suggestions?

I’d say stay with 3.11 for a while. There are usually some compatibility problems with Informix’s ODBC drivers (maybe it’s an ODBC thing). There were significant problems with the 2.80 drivers, from the reports I saw. These issues seem to usually lag about one release behind.

As a general rule, being the somewhat conservative, “I know it’ll break” kind of guy that I am, I try to stay away from the current release of most software products until it’s been out for a while. They all have these issues.

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