Monitoring Mailbox Contents

Monitoring Mailbox Contents

I have the need to monitor a mailbox. The mailbox is located on a local server, but the person accessing it is in another country. The person who needs to monitor the mailbox is also in the other country.

Adding rules to Outlook is out of the question and setting an alternative recipient will not work either, because this fails to send the message to the original recipient.

I need to make sure that all intended e-mail reaches the original addressee, but also goes to his manager. This also rules out setting his box up as a group. If the employee has his mail client set to delete messages from the server, then the manager will not see them.

Actually, the Alternate Recipient trick should work nicely. Just make sure that the “Deliver mail to both recipient and alternate recipient” checkbox is enabled.

Any received e-mail will then flow into both the original recipient’s box and the monitoring mailbox.


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