StripControlChars – Delete control characters in a string

StripControlChars – Delete control characters in a string

' Strip all control characters (ASCII code < 32)'' If the second argument is True or omitted,' CR-LF pairs are preservedFunction StripControlChars(source As String, Optional KeepCRLF As Boolean = _    True) As String    Dim index As Long    Dim bytes() As Byte        ' the fastest way to process this string    ' is copy it into an array of Bytes    bytes() = source    For index = 0 To UBound(bytes) Step 2        ' if this is a control character        If bytes(index) < 32 And bytes(index + 1) = 0 Then            If Not KeepCRLF Or (bytes(index) <> 13 And bytes(index) <> 10) Then                ' the user asked to trim CRLF or this                ' character isn't a CR or a LF, so clear it                bytes(index) = 0            End If        End If    Next        ' return this string, after filtering out all null chars    StripControlChars = Replace(bytes(), vbNullChar, "")            End Function


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