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CA Improves API Management Capabilities

The tools are getting support for Docker and other improvements to enhance productivity.


CA Technologies has refreshed its lineup of API management tools for enterprise application development teams. It has updated its CA Live API Creator with a graphical interface that makes it easy for non-developers to have a role in the development process. In addition, it added Docker, Android and multifactor authentication support to its API Gateway, and it made its Mobile App Services SDKs available on GitHub.

"Digital transformation is more than just embracing mobile and cloud," Rahim Bhatia, general manager of CA API Management, said. "It's also about transforming how the applications that drive today's economy are built. The new releases in CA's API Management portfolio arm API and mobile developers with powerful tools that make their jobs easier, and we're engaging other key stakeholders in the development process so organizations can accelerate time-to-market for new apps and services."

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