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Using C++ for AIX Unix and Windows NT
by DevX Pro
We are looking at Visual Studio 6 as a development platform. Studio 6 contains Visual C++, Java++, and VB version 6. Can I use this development platform to create executables for both NT and AIX Unix? If so, are there any "gotchas"? I have heard that C++ contains extensions that cannot be used with a Unix version. I understand that the final executable must be compiled on the target system.
Are Borland's Delphi and C++Builder code-similar?
by DevX Pro
I am trying to decide between purchasing Borland's Delphi or C++Builder. Can the VCL code written to work in Delphi also work in C++Builder (latest versions for both)?
Compiler Warnings with STL Map Containers
by DevX Pro
Using even the most basic default constructor, such as " mapm; " , causes a debug error creating huge compiler warnings in Visual C++ and MS Visual Studio 6.0. That one line alone causes 6 warnings and the small sample program below ultimately creates a total of 19 warnings. The code executes without further incident but the unresolved warnings trouble me. In essence, the compiler warnings indicate that the debugger continues to append class names into long command lines that eventually exceed the 255-character limitation. The suggested resolution, substituting a 1-character name for the class name during debug time, does not work. Is there a fix? #include #include #include using namespace std; class classic { long account; char descrip[50]; public: classic (); classic (int yr, char *who_or_what); ~classic (); void show_list (); int get_val () const; bool target (int low, int hi); friend ostream &operator= low && account (const classic &item1, const classic &item2) { return item1.get_val() > item2.get_val(); } bool operator== (const classic &item1, const classic &item2) { return item1.get_val() == item2.get_val(); } bool operator!= (const classic &item1, const classic &item2) { return item1.get_val() != item2.get_val(); } // --------------------------// int main() { int accts = 0; cout line; // Fill the map line.insert( pair( long(10000), classic(10000, "Sandal Accounts")) ); line.insert( pair( long(10500), classic(10500, "Slipper Accounts")) ); line.insert( pair( long(21000), classic(21000, "Women's Shoe Accounts")) ); line.insert( pair( long(31000), classic(31000, "Men's Shoe Accounts")) ); line.insert( pair( long(50500), classic(50500, "Boot Accounts")) ); // Display map data map::iterator p; accts = line.size(); cout second.show_list(); cout second.show_list(); cout second.show_list(); p++; } return 0; }
Cross Platform Compilers
by DevX Pro
Is there a C++ compiler that I can use to go cross-platform with development? I need to develop the same DLLs for AS400, Sun, and Windows.
string and bool
by DevX Pro
I'm looking for a C++ file that supports strings and bool. I currently have a very old version of C++ but I don't have the prototypes that support string and bool. Can you tell me where I can download these files?
Efficiency of STL or Quality of Implementation?
by Danny Kalev
I often hear people ask whether it's possible to write code that is quicker than STL. ...
inline vs. __forceinline
by Danny Kalev
MS Visual C++, as well as several other compilers, now offer non-standard keywords that control the inline expansion of a function, in addition to the standard inline keyword. What are the uses of ...
Helping the Compiler Deduce the Type of a Template Argument
by Danny Kalev
The argument type of a function template is normally deduced automatically. For ...
Do Unix C++ compilers transform C++ code to C?
by DevX Pro
If I write C++ code in UNIX, does my code convert to C and compile?
Coping With Warning Messages Regarding Identifier's Length
by Danny Kalev
Unlike C, C++ does not impose any restrictions on the length of identifiers. Implementations set their own limits, but these are so high that identifiers can consist of tens of thousands of ...
by DevX Pro
I'm porting a UNIX app to NT; one of the class hierarchies includes something like this: template class base { // stuff }; template class derived : public base, public base { // stuff }; When I compile it in MSVC6 I get the following error: c:\projects\test\test.cpp(14) : error C2500: 'derived' : 'base'is already a direct base class c:\projects\test\test.cpp(17) : see reference to class template instantiation 'derived' being compiled How can I get around this?
Greet CC++ , a Parallel Programming Language
by Danny Kalev
CC++ (this is not a typo) is a parallel programming language based on C++. You can find a free CC++ compiler as well as an overview of CC++ features, syntax, and supported platforms
The GNU C/C++ Compiler 2.95 is Here
by Danny Kalev
The GNU project focuses on the development and distribution of open source software, including free compilers. The newly-released GCC 2.95 is a free C/C++ compiler. GCC 2.95 includes nearly a ...
Rating your Compiler's ANSI/ISO Conformance
by Danny Kalev
The following link ranks several popular C++ compilers according to their ANSI/ISO compliance level. The comparison chart contains various features such as exported templates, Runtime Type ...
Get a Free C++ Compiler for Windows
by Danny Kalev
Dev-C++ is a free graphical C++ compiler for Windows 95, 98, and NT.
Unsolvable Error
by DevX Pro
Visual 6.0 displays an error that says it can't find one of my libraries, but it is right there in the same folder.
Unroll Loops to Optimize Your Code
by Danny Kalev
A compiler can automatically optimize the code by unrolling loops. Consider this ...
MMX code in C++
by DevX Pro
I am involved in a project the aim of which is to demonstrate the effectiveness of MMX for image manipulation. For this project I need to write some MMX code in C++ (MS Visual C++ 5) to simulate how MMX could improve the performance of filters such as Blur, Gaussian Blur, and Unsharp. I am unsure where to start and would be very grateful for any example source code or advice.
by DevX Pro
Are there any utilities that will convert an .EXE file back to a .CPP file? A friend wrote a little program for me, and I would like to alter it to better fit my needs. Since it has such a solid foundation, I didn't want to start from scratch. My friend, of course, has since lost the original.
obj files
by DevX Pro
Do you know of any utilities that can convert an *.obj file back to its original code (*.cpp/*.c)?
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