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How to Make a Program Sleep for a Pre-determined Period
by M S Sridhar
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to pause applications for a short time.
Daemon Threads in Java
by M S Sridhar
Language: Java, Level: Intermediate: - Did you know that execution of a Java program will continue only when there is at least one user thread running?
Do Not Assume SimpleDateFormat Is Thread-safe
by Octavia Anghel
Language: Java, Level: Beginner: - Learn why it is important to remember that sharing a SimpleDateFormat requires proper synchronization.
Obtaining a Thread Dump of Your Java App in Linux
by M S Sridhar
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to trigger a thread dump in Java on Linux os.
Keeping Tabs on all Threads in Your Environment
by M S Sridhar
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - See how to monitor all of your threads in Java.  
Finding the Count of All Active Threads
by M S Sridhar
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to return the count of all the active threads in the current run time.
Using ThreadMXBean to Understand Threads
by M S Sridhar
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Use this interface to learn more about the threads in your code.
Reading Updated/Latest Value in Multithreading Environment
by M S Sridhar
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate — Learn a good way to ensure that your variables show the most recently updated values.
Making a Java List Thread Safe
by M S Sridhar
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate — The java.util.list is not thread safe by default. Learn a quick workaround to make your list thread safe.
Thread Dump Analysis Pattern
by Ram Lakshmanan
Language: Java||Expertise: Advanced
Launching an Asynchronous Operation Using BackgroundWorker
by Jayadev D
The .NET BackgroundWorker class makes it a snap to launch asynchronous operations on a separate thread.
Using the OneWay Web Service Attribute
by Srinath MS
When you call a void web service method, apply the OneWay attribute to avoid having the calling thread wait for a response.
Using Templates for Concurrent XSLT Transformations
by Leonard Anghel
Use Templates to use a Transformer object (from the TrAX API) in multiple threads running concurrently.
Multi-Threading: When printf Can Be Better than cout
by John Hendrix
printf and fprintf are much less likely to be preempted in the middle of streaming data.
Using CreateProcess Instead of _tspawnl to Spawn Programs
by Alison Lomaka
Using _tspawnl to spawn programs can have undesirable side effects. Learn how to avoid them.
A Safe Way to Stop a Java Thread
by Kevin Spiteri
The Thread.stop() method is unsafe and thus deprecated.
A C++ Mutex Operation for Intel-compatible Processors
by Andrei Borac
Interprocess synchronization has always been classified as a "slow" operation, but that is largely only because the Windows implementation requires switching to kernel mode (an expensive operation) each time you attempt to acquire a mutex.
Executing a Subprocess
by Lundholm Per
When executing a subprocess in Java, remember to read both the stdout and stderr from the process or it may be blocked.
Threads and ThreadGroups
by Navneet Gupta
Every Java thread is a member of a
by Rajesh Chathapuram
PostThreadMessage is a Win32 API used to post messages to threads. Usually, the message posted is a standard windows message with the window handle set to NULL.
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