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Printing - Page 2

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Always ensure that a printer is installed
by Marco Losavio
Many developers incorrectly assume that a printer is always installed on their customers' machines, and therefore omit to check that this is actually the case. The following function, deceiptively trivial, returns False and displays an error message if no printer has been installed:
ShowPrinterProperties - Display printer's Properties dialog
by Francesco Balena
Display the Printer Properties dialog box. The DeviceName argument is the DeviceName property of the Printer object or an item in the Printers collection. ParentHWnd is the handle of the window that owns the dialog box. Returns True if the function succedes.
by Ken Cox
On the printed page, people are accustomed to seeing portions that have been marked by a highlighter. You can achieve the same effect on your Web page using a Style attribute and BACKGROUND-COLOR. ...
PrintRotatedText - Display a rotated message
by Marco Losavio
Print rotated text The first argoment can be a form, a picture box, the Printer, and in general any VB object that supports the Font and the hDC properties. Text is the string to be printed Angle is the orientation, in 10th of degrees (default is 90
Pretty Print Your HTML and ASP Code for Visitors
by Ken Cox
If you are preparing Active Server Pages code for printing or for code review it helps to make the script as tidy as possible. A free utility called HTML Tidy from
ADO won't work in VB6
by DevX Pro
What is wrong with this picture? Private Sub cmdIXEDMtest_Click() Dim con As New ADODB.Connection Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset Dim s As String Dim constr As String On Error GoTo FunctionError constr = "Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=scanctr_user;PWD=please;Data Source=32scanctr" Set con = New ADODB.Connection con.Open constr If (con.State adStateOpen) Then MsgBox "Connection failed!" End If Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset s = "SELECT * FROM Batch WHERE System_ID = '008945'" rs.Open s, con s = rs("Has_DWG") > rs.Close Set rs = Nothing con.Close Set con = Nothing FunctionExit: Exit Sub FunctionError: Set rs = Nothing Set con = Nothing MsgBox "Error: " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description Resume FunctionExit End Sub Please offer any suggestions. I have tried different cursor types and specifying client-side cursor location. All to no avail and with the same, useless error message.
Printing DHTML (CSS) in Netscape 4.0+
by DevX Pro
I've put together an intranet site that uses JavaScript functions that put together a page. For example, the header section, body section, footer section, sidebar, and so on are called JavaScript functions. The sidebar and main body functions are displayed as DHTML style sheets. I need the content in the body or the whole page to print. Either will do. The problem is that it prints okay in Internet Explorer but when I try to print it in Netscape I get the error message, "There are no pages to print." Also I don't get side scroll bars in Netscape. Unfortunately, my client is a Netscape company. Can you help me?
Controlling the Printed Page
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to control the printed page size and layout in DHTML? In other words, can I control how a DHTML page looks when it is printed and control elements such as page breaks and object placement on a printed page? I have an Automated Letter Generation system that creates large mailings using Microsoft Word's mail merge facility and I am looking into using DHTML to replace Microsoft Word.
Create Page Breaks in an HTML Document
by DevX Pro
Is there any way (using an HTML tag or a script) to force a page break at a certain point in an HTML document when it is being printed? For example, my Web page is about five printed pages long. When it is being printed, I would like to control where the page breaks occur.
Define Background, Text, and Link Colors to Avoid Whiteouts
by Erik Goetze
It's easy to change the background color of your page, but if you don't also define the foreground color and link colors, it's likely that some users will not be able to view your page. Inevitably ...
Getting Spaced Out
by Martin Kelly
HTML's page layout features are limited for older browsers--tables provide one of the few ways you can force text or graphics to appear in particular positions. Another addition to your armory of ...
Printing from Browser
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to print an HTML page (perhaps using VBScript or JavaScript) without the user clicking on the print button?
Maintain Username and Password
by Charles Caison
Due to a minor bug, the Internet Transfer Control cannot use the username and password properties if they are set before the URL property. Because of this, you should always set the URL property ...
NT Registry Query
by DevX Pro
What is the best browser-based way to read values from the Registry? Can JavaScript do it?
Search Hard Drive
by DevX Pro
I need a script that will allow users to search their hard drive for a file that they can send me. If you can help, I'd appreciate it! Thanks.
Printing a Report
by Tom Yarker
Printing a simple report from Java is far from being as simple as you might expect. You use the Toolkit class to create a PrintJob, but the method requires a Properties object, which appears to have ...
Why doesn't the window.close() method always work?
by DevX Pro
Why doesn't the window.close() method always work?
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