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HTML - Page 3

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Use CausesValidation to Prevent Unwanted Validation Checks
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Setting CausesValidation=False to the appropriate control prevents those pesky validation checks that occur for every postback.
Configure the Behavior of Servlets While They Are Loaded
by Amit Tuli
Find out how to use the initialization parameter to configure the behavior of servlets while they are loaded.
Update an HTML Form Using an XML ActiveX Object and a Servlet
by Farukh Ijaz
This tip shows you how to update an HTML form without using "Refresh"—you use an XML ActiveX object and a servlet.
Remove Margins from the Browser
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Learn how to manipulate stylesheets to remove the margins from any given browser window.
Open Only One Instance of a Popup Window in an HTML Page
by MS Sridhar
To open only one instance of a popup window in an HTML page, use the windowName parameter of the window.open method.
Export HTML Data into Excel Files
by MS Sridhar
This tip shows you how to export HTML data into an .xls file.
Dynamic, Location-based Home Page Selection
by Siddharth Vajirkar
Use this Javascript code to direct your browser to change your homepage based on your location.
Eliminate Data Caching from Your Browser
by Sridhar MS
Automatically Refresh a Web Page
by Amit Vij
Make Text Scroll Vertically
by M.V. Prem Kumar
Posting Forms Programmatically
by M.Fahim Zahid
Simplifying the Creation of Links when Transforming XML with XSLT
Simplifying the Creation of Links when Transforming XML with XSLT
Format Color for HTML
by Monte Hansen
Add User-friendliness to an HTML CheckBox/RadioButton
by Prasad Haridass
A Flying Pop-up Window
by M.V. Prem
A Shortcut to Writing Basic HTML Tags
by Devington B.
List of Most Commonly Used CGI Equivalents of Servlets
When to Declare a Virtual Member Function Private
by Ivan Gerasimov
Declaring a virtual member function private may be useful when you wish to limit the number of derived classes that can override the given function. In such a case, you declare all the derived ...
Making the Image OnClick Work in Both Browsers
by Mike Gasperino
Since the introduction of DHTML and client-side scripting, developing Internet applications can be a real challenge. If you don't have the luxury of a "pure" Internet Explorer environment, there's a ...
Alternative to Using
by Alex Whyte
Use this code to notify a form that displays another form when the displayed form is closed
41-60 of 256     Previous     Next
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