Only 14% of Enterprises Have Big Data Projects, Says Survey

A new survey sponsored by software firm Talend finds plenty of interest in big data, but few projects currently underway. Only 10 percent of enterprises surveyed have deployed a large scale big data project and another 4 percent have a pilot project. However, 19 percent said they were currently in the planning and appraisal stage of deciding whether or not to launch a big data project—that’s up from 8 percent last year. And 36 percent said they are in the initial discussion phase, an increase from last year’s 24 percent.

It’s also noteworthy that while 61 percent of firms had no interest in big data in 2012, only 24 percent said the same in 2013.

“It is encouraging that the number of businesses rolling out big data strategies has increased, but overall adoption of Big Data strategies remains slow,” said Talend VP Yves de Montcheuil. “There is still a significant gap between those businesses expressing an interest and those taking the plunge and actually implementing the approach. It is a gap that the industry needs to address and close if the promise of big data is to be fulfilled.”

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