Report: Confidence in Cloud Security Hits a Record Low

BT has published the results of a global survey which finds that confidence in the security of cloud computing services is at its lowest point ever. Among the IT leaders surveyed, 76 percent said security was their biggest concern about the cloud, and 49 percent said they were “very or extremely anxious” about cloud security. In addition, 41 percent believe that all cloud services are inherently insecure, and 26 percent said they had experienced a data breach that they blamed, at least partially, on a cloud computing provider.

Despite these concerns, half of the survey respondents said their companies were using public cloud computing services designed for consumers. ?It is an interesting paradox that the survey has exposed ? on the one hand, decision-makers are concerned about the security implications of using public cloud services, but on the other, their buying decisions seem to be driven by short-term cost perceptions,? said Mark Hughes, president of BT Security.

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