Apple Watch helps monitor sedated lion

Apple Watch helps monitor sedated lion

Sedated Lion

Dr. Chloe Buiting, a wildlife veterinarian, has demonstrated a novel way to monitor a lion’s heart rate using an Apple Watch. In a recent video, she showcased a sedated lion with the device strapped to its tongue, a technique credited to her colleague, Dr.

Fabiola Quesada. The video shows the lion, affectionately called Simba, snoring softly while lying on a table. “I don’t know what’s more impressive… the snore, or the discovery that the Apple Watch can measure a lion’s heart rate if you strap it to the tongue, even if it is one of the less conventional ‘off-label’ uses for the device,” Buiting said.

She emphasized the usefulness of this method, especially in the field where traditional veterinary hospital equipment is often unavailable. Most heart monitors are not designed for large predators like lions, making this innovation particularly noteworthy.

Apple Watch aids wildlife monitoring

Dr. Buiting also mentioned that the technique has been adapted for use with elephants by attaching the watch to their ears. “I love the strides technology is making in conservation,” she added, appreciating that such adaptations, though likely not part of Apple’s original intent, have significant practical applications.

Social media users responded enthusiastically, commending the ingenuity behind the Apple Watch’s application in wildlife conservation. Comments ranged from expressions of amazement to humorous observations about the potential notifications the watch might display. This incident is not unique in showcasing the versatility of the Apple Watch.

In another instance in April, a New Yorker credited his Apple Watch with saving his life following a severe bike accident. Dr. Chloe Buiting’s work continues to highlight how modern technology can aid in extraordinary conservation efforts, proving that necessity and innovation often go hand in hand.

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