China’s new high-performance quantum thermometer unveiled

China’s new high-performance quantum thermometer unveiled

Quantum Thermometer

Researchers in China have achieved a significant leap forward in quantum computing technology. The Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center announced that Chinese scientists have successfully developed a high-performance anti-interference ruthenium oxide thermometer. The thermometer developed by QuantumCTek boasts a starting temperature close to 6 millikelvin (mK).

This development not only sets a new record within China but also marks a crucial step that places China’s ultra-low temperature measurement technology for superconducting quantum computing at the forefront of global advancements. Ruthenium oxide thermometers play a vital role in quantum computers.

China’s high-performance quantum thermometer

They function by precisely measuring the temperature of the working environment within quantum chips. Technology expert Li Xu from QuantumCTek explained that “absolute zero” (around minus 273.15 degrees Celsius), also known as 0 Kelvin, is often referred to as the “lowest temperature in the universe” and represents the theoretical limit for achievable thermodynamic temperatures. Since quantum states are incredibly delicate, quantum chips require operation at conditions near “absolute zero.” Even the slightest temperature fluctuation can lead to the loss of quantum information.

Utilizing ruthenium oxide thermometers for accurate monitoring of a quantum chip’s operating temperature is therefore essential for guaranteeing the stable operation of quantum computers and enhancing the accuracy and reliability of calculations performed by these powerful machines, said Li. Wang Zhehui, deputy director of the Anhui Quantum Information Engineering Technology Research Center, hailed the new thermometer as a significant step towards solidifying China’s self-sufficiency and control over the entire superconducting quantum computing industry chain.

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