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Drag and Drop for List Boxes

Question: How do I implement drag and drop between two list boxes on a form? Answer: Dragging items from one list box and dropping them into another is, with Delphi,

TDBGrid flickering

Question: I’ve seen several shareware descendants of TDBGrid that don’t flicker when you move through the associated table.How do I get rid of the flickering in TDBGrid when you hold

Creating a LIST_SELECT Event

Question: How do I create a LIST_SELECT event? Specifically, what should I put in the fields of the statement: Event anevent = new Event(mylst, event.when, event.LIST_SELECT, ?, ? event.key, event.modifiers,?)

Changing Button Captions

Question: How do you change a button’s caption after it is created? Answer: Java’s Button class defines two methods for getting and setting a button’s caption. They are getLabel() and

Can I do a function like the macro in Clipper?

Question: Can I do the function which is like the macro in Clipper? For Example, Pass the (X*(Y+Z)) string to it and return the answer. Answer: I don’t see why

How do I copy a file in Delphi?

Question: How do I copy a file in Delphi? Answer: H3>Reminiscing on Days Gone By…Back in the old DOS days, we took for granted copying a file from one place

TIniFile’s Hidden Limitation

Question: I have an INI file that is approximately 20K with all entries in one section. If I use TIniFile’s ReadSection method, only part of the section gets loaded. Why?

Creating Forms in Shapes Other than Rectangles

Question: Is it possible to create forms with shapes other than the standard rectangular shape in Windows? Answer: Sometimes it’s just not enough to write applications that have the same

Running Java on Non-network Local PC

Question: Can a Java applet or executable run locally on a PC if the PC is not connected to a network? Example: I bring up my home page and download

How can I convert numbers to hexadecimal strings?

Question: How can I convert numbers to hexadecimal strings? Answer: Although it was not mentioned in the original documentation forJavaScript, the toString method has been available forconverting integers into strings

Can I control the position of new browser windows?

Question: How can I control the position of new browser windows createdwith the window . open method? Answer: Although JavaScript’s window . open method makes itpossible to automatically open new

Java Workshop and Appletviewer Runtime Errors

Question: When I try to run the appletviewer in DOS or try to run the JWS(Java Workshop) under Windows 95, it dumps a stack and gives me the following messages.

Tables in Borland Database Engine/Delphi

Question: When you open a table in both the Database Desktopand a self-written Delphi app, and you post a record in your own app, the changes are reflected automatically in

Implementing the C enum Keyword

Question: I’m porting my C code to Java and would like to know how I would implement the C enum keyword to Java. Answer: There is no convenient mechanism for

How can I create JavaScript enhanced web pages?

Question: I’ve been poking around the net and have seen several development environments for creating Java applets/applications. What software do I need to create JavaScripts that I can use on

Disabling Netscape Toolbar Functions

Question: Is there any way with HTML, JavaScript, Javaor whatever to disable the “Back” and “Forward” buttons in the Netscape toolbar? As content on the Web enters the realm of

Printing from Applets

Question: I am trying to construct an applet that accepts data from the user and performs several calculations on that data.I would like to give the capability to print out

Writing Servers in Java

Question: How can a server written in Java work like a UNIX daemon? To me it seems that a server cannot be an applet. Is it a standalone application? Answer:

Reading a Double from Command Line

Question: Hi, I just started to program in Java in Win95 platform. Even though I/O through files has already been discussed, I am having trouble reading a double from the

How can I get the version of Windows at runtime?

Question: How can I get the version of Windows at runtime? Answer: Use the WinAPI call to GetVersion. GetVersion returns 3.1for Win 3.1, 3.11, WfW 3.11 and Win NTwhen called

VBScript “Replace” Function

Question: I am using Microsoft’s Active Server Pages for a web application I am working on. In the application I must take user input (via an html form) and insert

Netware Installs

Question: How can I install a second Novell server on my network without having togo through CDs or floppy disks? Answer: If you already have a Novell 4.x server installed

How does DNS work?

Question: How does DNS work? Answer: Domain Name Service (DNS) is a service that is contained in the TCP/IP protocolsuite and provides a way of mapping IP addresses to names;

Checking on Daylight Savings Time

Checking for Daylight Savings Time is one of the most common date checks developers perform. .NET provides an easy method to do this. In .NET

Testing Tips for When Unit Testing Is Too Hard

echnologies such as the xUnit framework, combined with Maven, BuildBot, or CruiseControl, enable unit testing under continuous integration, which gives developer productivity a huge boost.