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Is this an Example of a Semantic Gap?

Question: I posted this question to Java newsgroups, but the response from experts avoids the real issue. Simple applet: import java.applet.*; import java.awt.*; public class FirstApplet extends Applet { public

Setting Cursor in Applet Code in Browser Window

Question: The AWT’s Frame class provides a setCursor method that allows me to set the cursor to one of the standard images (arrow, watch, etc.). The problem is I’m implementing

How Can Java Applet Display HTML?

Question: I believe there is a JavaScript function: ‘ShowDocument(URL,targetFrame)’ Is there a way to replicate this in Java? I realize that in the future the solution may materialize when a

Creating a Message Window

Question: I have a note section on my Web page. I would like to be ableto click a radio button, and a small window with the note inside it wouldpop

Can’t get values back from a PL/SQL block

Question: I’ve noticed that I cannot get any values returned to my Power Objects application from a PL/SQL block. How can I get around this? Answer: The inability to get

Importing data

Question: Is there a utility or a routine that will allow comma-separated flat files to be imported into Blaze? I don’t want to spend too much money. Answer: There is

How do you catch a double-click on a poplist?

Question: I have made the poplist readonly to avoid activating it whenclicking, but apparently the DoubleClick() method doesn’t fire atall. How do I catch the double-click? Answer: The DoubleClick() method

How do I achieve consistent data retrieval performance?

Question: My application is working with a fairly large database. Althoughusers will never be allowed to request all of the data, differentselection conditions may return wildly varying amounts of data.

Connecting to a database

Question: I noticed that there are 3 different types of connect properties for a session. What’s the difference? Answer: Every session has three different connect properties that are used at

Code Generates Null Pointer Exception

Question: If I have: class point { double x,y; } & import point; class test { public static void main(String args[]) { point[] P = new point[10]; P[0].x = 5;

Cannot connect to Personal Oracle

Question: I have been trying to connect to Personal Oracle 7 on the Macintosh. I can connect from the DBA applications, but cannot connect from Power Objects. Can you give

Eliminating toolbars

Question: How do I eliminate the toolbar for a form? Answer: To eliminate the toolbar from displaying for a particular form, add the code: Self.SetToolbar(NULL) to the InitializeWindow() method for

Inserting rows without retrieving data

Question: I have a very large table that contains thousands of rows. I want to let a user insert new rows into it on a particular form without having to

Can’t change Blaze table structures

Question: I’m using an evaluation copy of OPO for the Mac. After I create a table, I go into the table structure window to try and change the table structure

Difference Between Instance and Object

Question: I am 14 years old and a new Java programmer. I would like to know the difference betweenan instance and an object.I am learning Java from the book Teach

When to use Access vs. VB

Question: I mainly do database applications and I am currently working on a project that will become very big. I have been trying to find any references to comparisons between

Windows95 printing error

Question: When I attempt to preview a report in OPO under Windows95, I get an error: WFW-03049: Internal buffer too small for printer port name Is this an OPO or

How can I add text to the graphs control

Question: I’m building some process control software and I need to addlabels, such as Upper Control Limit (UCL), into my chart. Answer: The graph control was added to PowerBuilder in

Reading Text File From Server

Question: I know I can’t read files from a local machine through my browser, but I can’t seem to read a file off my originating server either. There’s a way

Push Button Increments

Question: I have this declaration in init: pushButton1 = new Button(“0”). In the action class I try to increase the value from 0 through 9 every time I click the

Difference Between ‘float’ and ‘Float’ Types

Question: What is the difference between the types’float’ and ‘Float’ in Java? Answer: A variable of type float contains an IEEE single precision number,while a variable of type Float contains

Creating Applet to Ping IP Address

Question: I would like to create a very simple applet that pings anIP address and returns a message stating whether that IP is alive. Icouldn’t find any straightforward answers to

Creating a Dialog Box

Question: I’ve been to sites where dialog boxes appear. How can I create one?I also want to ask users for their names, and then to be able to tell how