Right-Align Controls on Forms

When creating resizable forms, I like to place command buttons in either the upper-right or lower-rightcorners. For example, on data entry forms, I place record navigation buttons on the lower-left portion of theform along with an Add New Record button, Delete Record button, and a Find Record button. In thelower-right corner, I place buttons for print previewing reports and closing the form.Create this subroutine in a module or general declarations section of a form. With Offset, you can vary thedistance from the right edge of the form, so you can right-justify more than one button:

 Sub ButtonRight(X As Control, _        Frm As Form, Offset as Integer)                X.Left = Frm.ScaleWidth - _                        X.Width - OffsetEnd Sub

Place two command buttons on the form. In the Form_Resize event, add this or similar code:

 Private Sub Form_Resize()        ButtonRight Command1, Me, 0        ButtonRight Command2, Me, _                Command1.WidthEnd Sub
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