Using the WITH Operator

Using the WITH Operator

This code is in pascal how can i implement it in VB ?

   with treasuremap do      move

VB 3 does not support the With operator. (version 4 does, BTW) You’ll have to pass the treasuremap record to the Move procedure as a parameter.In VB4 you can use the With/End With pair to save yourself loads of typing when you’re changing multiple properties of an object. For instance, in v3.0 if you wanted to change several properties of a command button you would have to type:

 frmMain.Command1.Caption = “Different Caption” frmMain.Command1.Enabled = True frmMain.Command1.Visible = True frmMain.Command1.Default = True
Using the With command the above code would look like:
With frmMain.Command1.     .Caption = “Different Caption”     .Enabled = True     .Visible = True     .Default = TrueEnd With


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