Encap Security Incorporates Convenience of Apple Touch ID for Financial Services Apps

Encap Security Incorporates Convenience of Apple Touch ID for Financial Services Apps

Fingerprint Convenience Provides One of Many Secure Layers for Definitive User AuthenticationOslo & Palo Alto ??? October 21, 2014 ??? Encap Security, the first in-app authentication solution to arm banks, retailers and other financial services providers with impervious security and a simple, positive user experience, has integrated Apple???s Touch ID fingerprint technology into its Smarter Authentication platform. Through support for Apple???s public Touch ID API, any financial services application using Encap???s technology will be able to leverage Apple???s fingerprint sensor for login and transaction authentication within a multifactor approach that may also include PIN entry, device location and user behavior.With millions of consumers owning a Touch ID-enabled iPhone and more coming soon with last Thursday???s announcement of the new iPad Mini with Touch ID, fingerprint-based biometrics has entered the mainstream. Encap Security enables its financial services customers to leverage this convenient, widely-accessible authentication feature in concert with other higher degrees of authentication to deliver what is required today: an absolutely secure, adaptable environment for mobile payment and banking that delivers an exceptionally pleasant customer experience.???Apple developed Touch ID for the convenience factor of unlocking your mobile device quickly, but the feature offers convenience and additional security when expertly layered with other factors of authentication,??? said Thomas Bostr??m J??rgensen, CEO, Encap Security. ???Adding Touch ID is another step towards truly proportional security, where the authentication method is appropriate to the transaction taking place. Simply put ??? a customer checking their account balance shouldn???t require the same security as the same or different customer making a large fund transfer to a new payee. This is how Encap helps financial services providers create a great user experience that doesn???t compromise security.???

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