EnterpriseDB and Quru Join G-Cloud to Expand Postgres Access for Public Sector

EnterpriseDB and Quru Join G-Cloud to Expand Postgres Access for Public Sector

London, UK, February 6 2015 ??? EnterpriseDB (EDB), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class Postgres products and database compatibility solutions, today announced its Postgres Plus Advanced Server is now available on G-Cloud. With EDB???s Postgres Plus database solutions now available on G-Cloud, UK government organisations can work with Quru, an EDB UK partner and a leading open source IT services and software company, to gain access to the high performance and reliability of Postgres in the cloud. A major challenge within the public sector has been adopting innovative new or open source based technologies for government deployments because few had been officially certified. With so few choices, many organisations faced costly vendor lock-in. G-Cloud now provides a broad new marketplace for such game-changing technologies as Postgres so public sector organisations can reduce database costs and pursue open source initiatives.???EDB???s Postgres Plus Advanced Server on G-Cloud means the public sector can move away from costly traditional vendors and slash costs, without sacrificing performance,??? said Marc Linster, Senior Vice President, Products and Services, EnterpriseDB. ???End users benefit by pairing such an advanced open source relational database as Postgres with the reach, security and flexibility of G-Cloud.???Postgres is the world???s most advanced open source relational database, with new features and capabilities in recent releases enhancing performance, manageability and ease-of-use. Postgres??? expanded NoSQL capabilities, and the ability to use Postgres for building geospatial applications using PostGIS have helped fuel the popularity of Postgres. EDB has extended Postgres with additional business-critical capabilities, database compatibility for Oracle to ease migrations and enterprise-class tools for replication, high availability, monitoring and manageability.???Introducing Postgres products to the public sector allows us to provide technology teams with what they need to compete in a data-driven world. The public sector is dominated by proprietary technology and by offering open source, we can help open eyes and drive innovation while reducing costs and effort,??? said Roland Whitehead, Managing Director, Quru. Postgres Plus Advanced Server, EDB and Quru are able to provide organisations with a wealth of features including database compatibility for Oracle to ease migrations, a Database Migration Assessment to identify workloads for easy migrations, and enterprise-class tools for replication, high availability and monitoring and management.

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