Perforce Announces Analytics for Software Development Process

Perforce Announces Analytics for Software Development Process

Perforce Announces Analytics for Software Development ProcessPerforce Insights Exposes Critical Patterns and Data Points to Shorten Release Cycles and Aid the Migration to Continuous Delivery Key Points:???Perforce Insights reveals metrics beyond standard work planning tools including file change, top contributors, cross-project statistics and deep-dive statistics ???The Perforce Stability Index showcases the evolution of a project from start to finish to help teams predict release times and required support levels???Insights is free for all Perforce users, including those on the complimentary 20-user/20-workspace program, Perforce 20/20ALAMEDA, Calif (October 9, 2013) ??? Perforce Software today announced Perforce Insights???, a comprehensive analytics solution that reveals valuable information on code and software development. Built into Perforce products, Insights reveals information that isn???t available in bug tracking or traditional work planning tools. By enabling development teams to measure their performance so they can tune and optimize their delivery pipelines, Insights helps to shorten release cycles and fosters more effective migration to Continuous Delivery practices. Insights gathers previously unavailable metrics and presents them in ways that are meaningful to developers, team leads, QA and release managers. For example, while a burn-down chart might show user stories only as closed, Insights assesses and displays the cost of code stability related to the closure. With multiple dashboards, Insights provides an overview across a series of projects, deep-dive views of single projects, and ???hot spot??? reports such as most edited files or top contributors across the repository. A stand-alone server dashboard provides performance metrics for systems administrators monitoring the overarching Perforce versioning service. Insights??? Stability Index is a pragmatic measure of the stability of code in a project, analyzing the Raise and Fix rates for bugs, the amount of code that is changing in a project, and the amount of code that changes repeatedly. Tracking the index trend across a project???s lifetime shows if stability goals will be met prior to release or if there is an unexpected destabilization in projects where stability is a priority.???We worked side by side with our customers to design a tool that reveals the data they need to truly understand their development processes and release cycles,??? said Mark Warren, marketing director at Perforce. ???Our customers are looking to adopt Continuous Delivery and understand that the first step in the practice is to obtain an accurate look at the existing model.??? Insights is ready to consume data from other tools and/or publish it to third-party reporting tools through standard integration mechanisms. The responsive, browser-based user interface is customizable to individual customer needs.The Benefits of Perforce Insights???In-depth analysis of project stability trends for project success???Cross-project and deep-dive project statistics for strategic planning???Data-exporting ability for further analysisAvailabilityPerforce Insights is now available to existing Perforce customers free of charge at New customers will receive Insights built into all Perforce products.

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