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Visual Foxpro - Page 3

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InteractiveChange in Grid
by DevX Pro
I have a column in a grid that is of the data type date. In the InteractiveChange event, I have a code that takes the value entered in the grid cell and moves it to an array. Since the column is defined to hold dates, every time I enter a keystroke, the InteractiveChange fires. Because the event fires before I complete typing the date, I get an invalid date error. Is there another place I can put my code so that the code is executed after I have completed typing the whole date?
Exe Pops Up and Closes Immediately
by DevX Pro
I have written a simple application with one form. I compiled the project as an .exe. My exe works fine if I am inside VFP, but when I make a shortcut to this exe on my desktop and try to run it, the form flashes by quickly and closes. I did have FoxPro 2.6 installed on my machine, but made sure all the references to cdx, etc. were now pointing to VFP. What am I doing wrong?
Report in a Separate Window
by DevX Pro
In a FoxPro 6.0 application, I want to be able to push a button and display a report on the screen. This report should be displayed in a new window, separate from the one containing the button.
VFP Form Management
by DevX Pro
How do I call a form from another form using a command button?
Creating a Primary Index with Filter via Code
by DevX Pro
On the Indexes tab of Visual FoxPro Table Designer dialog, you can define a Primary Index. How do I do the same thing through code in a FoxPro program?
Memo Fields
by DevX Pro
I have a memo field in a table, which has been scattered to memvar. I need to append a standard statement to the field once the user has completed entering data. I am trying to achieve the following effect: m.dispatchnote=m.dispatchnote+stdstatement Can you show me a way?
Form Spinner Control
by DevX Pro
When I create a spinner control and limit the upper and lower limits to specific integers, how do I wrap around the spinner to a specific integer range? For example, if I limit the spinner to values 0 to 24, when the up arrow of the spinner is clicked and held down, how do I make it spin from 24 to 0 and vice versa?
Minimizing/Maximizing the VFP Window with Code
by DevX Pro
How can I make the Visual FoxPro main window minimize and maximize through code?
What Are DCT Files?
by DevX Pro
We have an application; within it is a file with the extension .DCT. What are .DCT files?
Developer's Kit for Visual FoxPro 6.0?
by DevX Pro
Do I need to buy a separate developer's kit for Visual FoxPro 6.0, as I did for FoxPro 2.5, which I currently use?
Difference Between INDEX and SORT
by DevX Pro
What is an index and what is a sort?
Playing Sound Files in FoxPro Apps Quickly
by DevX Pro
I write language instruction programs and have been calling mplayer2 to allow students to hear the pronunciation saved in recorded sound files. But mplayer takes forever to load and play. So do all the other executable programs that I have, such as xrecord. By contrast, Windows can play .wav files instantly. If I could load and play small .wav files that fast I could greatly improve my language program. (There must be some subfile of Windows that plays its sound files so quickly.)What other .exe files are there that load and play very quickly under FoxPro? Using verbs in FoxPro is even slower than calling .exe files for some reason.
Suppressing Form Display
by DevX Pro
When initializing a formset, each of the forms in the set are displayed before the order 1 form gets focus. Is there a way to suppress displaying these other forms?
Building Crosstabs
by DevX Pro
How do I build crosstabs in Visual FoxPro?
Disabling Function Keys in an Application
by DevX Pro
How do I disable function keys in an application?
Displays Grid Fields Vertically
by DevX Pro
How do I display the rows of a table's contents vertically? I want to list the tracks of a CD, LP, etc. from their table at the bottom of my form (or it could be in another form) vertically instead of how they are in the table, horizontally. I tried using text boxes, but it just didn't look good and the track count varies from CD to CD. It would be best if I could scroll through the list.
Moving from Fox for DOS to Visual FoxPro
by DevX Pro
I would like some Visual FoxPro application as a starting guide in VFP 6. I'm finding it hard to add commands using a form. For example, I want to add records using a form, provided that the record number is not yet existing. I know FoxPro for DOS very much but I can't apply my programming skills in Visual FoxPro.
Patch for Divide-By-Zero Error
by DevX Pro
We are getting a divide-by-zero error running FoxPro for Windows 2.5 on a Novell server on the network on an NT workstation. Can I use the patch in version 2.5?
EXE Starts and Ends Immediately
by DevX Pro
When I build my application as an EXE and run it, the application comes up and then immediately disappears. What is wrong?
Create a Context Menu
by DevX Pro
I'm having a problem creating a context menu in a grid (by clicking on the right button of the mouse). I created this menu by programming a method that calls the right-click event of the grid. But I can't associate a method with a pad by using ON SELECTION BAR . Here my code: DEFINE POPUP Menucont FROM MROW( ), MCOL( ) SHORTCUT TITLE "Pistes du CD" COLOR SCHEME 4 DEFINE BAR 1 OF Menucont PROMPT '\
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