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Network Configuration
Software Configuration
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Getting Around a Bug in Testing Your Applets
by Reuben Cleetus
If you've tried using the Java Plugin to test your Applets and got a mysterious "Security Exception," then you've run into a known, but unadvertised bug. For a complete description of the bug, see: ...
Windows NT Administration
by DevX Pro
How can I add hundreds of users to the NT server by an automated procedure?
Windows NT Profiles
by DevX Pro
Why are Windows NT user profiles created with extensions of .000, .001, and so on?
NT Admin
by DevX Pro
Can I move 600+ users from a standalone server to a PDC with all rights and information intact, without having to recreate the users on the PDC?
Time Synchronization Under NT 4
by DevX Pro
How do I synchronize all NT 4 workstation system clocks on a network with a central point of contact?
Out-of-date dependency file for COMCTL32.OCX
by Marco Bellinaso
Have you ever read a message like "Dependency file for COMCTL32.OCX is out of date" during the package creation process? The cause of this problem is simple: you have installed an application that has replaced your COMCTL32.OCX ActiveX with the newer release (which is 5.00.3828 at this time). ...
Remote NT Web Administration
by DevX Pro
I want to provide the facility to add/delete/modify Windows NT users from a remote browser. However, I don't know how to do it. Can you kindly help?
Specifying Dependencies
by Manoj K.
When writing Java-based services we occasionally require dependencies. That is, our services must start in a certain order. You can specify what services your code is dependent on by overriding the ...
Win NT / Get UserGroups Permissions in VB
by DevX Pro
I would like to get the permissions for the users of my app. I have setup groups for users with the appropriate permisions. Now all I want to do is check which group they belong to, when they execute my app.
Enabling Sharing Tab
by DevX Pro
Can you please tell me how I can enable the sharing tab when sharing local drives? I'm using an NT Workstation 4.0 and when I'm logged on as an administrator, the sharing tab is present. But if I'm logged on as ordinary user, the sharing tab is NOT present. Can you please tell me how to enable this?
GetUNCName - Convert a file path to a UNC path
by Marco Losavio
Converts a reference to a file in the standard Windows format (e.g. "H:\ServerDir\Filename.ext") in the corresponding UNC format (e.g. "\\ServerName\ExportedDir\ServerDir\FileName.txt") It turns to be very useful when a program running on a workstation has to pass a file reference to ...
Passing Named Arguments to Java Programs
by Rakesh Goenka
Here's an example of a better way to pass arguments to main() methods of Java classes than using String[] args. First, pass two named parameters, user and level, that come into a GamePlayer ...
Add Share for a special User group in VB
by DevX Pro
How can I add a Share in Visual Basic to a Local or Remote Machine with permission only for a special User group?
IsNetworkInstalled - Check whether the network is installed
by Francesco Balena
Returns True if a Network is found (read-only)
ComputerName - The name of the local computer
by Francesco Balena
Returns the name of the computer.
List NT Users on Domain
by DevX Pro
How do I list all the users on an NT domain with Visual Basic?
Server Folders
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to get a list of folders for a network drive passing in the server name (for example, \\NetDrive\). I tried using Dir("\\NetDrive\",vbDirectory) but received only an empty string.
Setting Heap Sizes
by Brett Spell
If your Java program requires a large amount of memory, it's possible that the virtual machine will begin to throw OutOfMemoryError instances when attempting to instantiate objects. In some cases, ...
Customize Your FTP Welcome Message
by Steve Renaker
It's fairly simple to customize the welcome message on your IIS/Windows NT FTP server. Welcome messages can contain directory information, usage guidelines, unauthorized access warnings, server ...
NT and Windows 95/98 Network Integration
by DevX Pro
At our school we have a Windows NT Server network (10O Base T and 10 Base T mix) for our students to use. We have a five-station peer-to-peer Windows 95/98 network in our office. My question is: We would like to access the student network (NT) from the office, without letting students access our office network. Do we set up one of the office machines as a "router," with two NICs so it particpates in both networks? If so, does this computer have to be NT? Server or workstation? Or, if the peer-to-peer machines are reconfigured to participate in the NT network (get validated at the PDC), can we expect enough security so that the students can't access our office computers (that is, not even see them)?
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