Intel to Close AppUp Store

Intel has announced that it will close down AppUp, it’s little-known storefront for PC apps. The store will stop working March 11, and apps that communicated with the AppUp client will stop working May 15.

An Intel spokesperson told TechCrunch, “When we started AppUp it was to cater to a unique need for consumers at the time. I think it served its purpose when were there new emerging devices [such as Ultrabooks] that needed apps, but now we see a change for consumer needs and so we’re directing our resources elsewhere. We have decided to realign and focus services on businesses — the needs of enterprises and business users.” She added, “We are moving from directly providing apps to consumers to providing services to enterprise who will have an interface to consumers.”

Intel’s Peter Biddle, who headed up the AppUp store, once called it “The world’s largest app store that nobody’s ever heard of.”

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