Creating Dynamic SQL

Creating Dynamic SQL

I’m trying to develop a dynamic query handler within VB that will prompt users for parameters as set up in the parameter list in MS Access (v1.1). I wish to dynamically build the param list with .listparameters (at run time) and then use this list to assign values to these same parameters.My problem is that VB/Access will not allow assignment of values to parameters without explicitly referring to actual parameter names in code (ie. a using a string/variable as returned by .listparameters to refer to such parameters is apparently not possible).

The way I’ve done this in the past is to dynamically generate the actual SQL needed to do the query. It’s a lot more reliable and clear than trying to deal with parameters, which Access/VB doesn’t do very well. As the users select pieces of data to query on, you build up the SQL statement to retrieve the appropriate data.


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