How Can Java Applet Display HTML?

How Can Java Applet Display HTML?

I believe there is a JavaScript function: ‘ShowDocument(URL,targetFrame)’ Is there a way to replicate this in Java?

I realize that in the future the solution may materialize when a relationship between Java and JavaScript develops. I presume Java would then have the ability to access JavaScript variables and functions.

Here’s the standard technique for displaying a Web page and reading itsHTML:

import java.awt.*;import java.applet.*;import*;import*;public class Browse extends Applet {   private TextField path;   // private ErrorFrame f = new ErrorFrame();   URL source;   TextArea display = new TextArea(8, 40); // 8 lines x 40 chars   String next;   AppletContext context;   public void init() {      setBackground(;      add(path = new TextField(“”, 30));      Panel p = new Panel();      p.add(new Button(“SHOW HTML”));      p.add(new Button(“HIDE HTML”));      add(p);      add(display);      context = getAppletContext();   }   public boolean action(Event e, Object arg) {            if ( == path) {         try {            String file = path.getText();            source = new URL(getCodeBase(), file);            context.showDocument(source, “_self”);         }         catch(MalformedURLException mue) {         //   f.error(mue);         }         return true;      }      else if (arg.equals(“SHOW HTML”)) {         try {            DataInputStream in = new DataInputStream(source.openStream());            // erase display            display.setText(“”);            while(null != (next = in.readLine()))               display.appendText(next + “/n”);            in.close();            return true;         }         catch(IOException ioe) {           // f.error(ioe);         }      }      else if (arg.equals(“HIDE HTML”)) {         display.setText(“”);         return true;      }      return false;   }} 


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