Heroku Presents: Security Researcher Hall of Fame

Heroku Presents: Security Researcher Hall of Fame

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider Heroku has unveiled the Security Researcher Hall of Fame, paying homage to the stalwart independent researchers since 2011. Recently, some of the most reputable technology companies and news syndicates have experienced cyber attacks and security breaches, striking fear in the people who trust these brands. However, Heroku has a solution – calling upon the community to strengthen the platforms and products we love by finding and plumbing the depths of security breaches. This community has responded by displaying considerable circumspection and altruism. Tom Maher, product security engineer at Heroku, said: ???Starting today, Heroku would like to publicly thank all the independent security researchers who have practiced responsible disclosure and helped us remediate issues.??? The company wants the list to date back to the service???s launch and asks anyone who reported a vulnerability to us in the past, either not listed or like their listing changed (e.g., typos, change a link) or removed entirely, to let them know. With Heroku any individual can develop and release mobile apps for future users to enjoy. Offering you a platform to create your app in Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python and Scala, a Toolbelt loaded with Postgres, New Relic, Papertrail, Redis, Mailgun, or dozens of other cloud services, and the ability to deploy instantly from the command line using Git. However, this also makes Heroku a target; Malign entities and their efforts to compromise data can destroy companies and lives. Heroku is seeking to put an end to potential security disasters, such as those reported by Hall of Famers Stephen Sclafani and Benjamin Manns earlier this year, honorng those who discover and report potential routes of attack. White-lists like this Hall of Fame allow developers to promote the community and have a trusted population of ???white hats???, those who work among side with their fellow developers and coders to ensure the safety and integrity of information systems. These Hall of Famers have proven themselves by testing and making improvements to those systems to protect the customers invested the services provided. For their part in preventing their malicious counterparts from delivering provender to the blight of identity theft, denying exposure of sensitive information of platform users and websites, justly do these names deserve this recognition and snazzy Heroku shirts for their achievements in mobile application security.

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