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Visual Foxpro - Page 4

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OLE Automation of Word
by DevX Pro
How do you open a specific Word document through a Visual FoxPro program?
Forcing Data Entry in Uppercase
by DevX Pro
I would like to force data entered into a form to be uppercase. This is probably basic, but I can't figure it out!
Printing One Page of a Report
by DevX Pro
How can I give the user the option to print only one page in a Visual FoxPro report?
Running an Image Viewer in a Window
by DevX Pro
How can I run an image viewer in a window portion of a form in Visual FoxPro alongside a scrolling list box?
Variable Returning Matches in a Select Query
by DevX Pro
What is the variable that returns the number of matches in a select query? I thought I'd seen a reference to a variable (something like "_COUNT") but now I cannot find any reference to it.
Converting Julian Dates to Gregorian Dates
by DevX Pro
How do I change a Julian date to a Gregorian date and remain Y2K compliant?
Grid-Change Current Control from Properties Window
by DevX Pro
How do I change a grid's CurrentControl property from text1 to edit1 for a memo field from the properties window?
Preventing Sending Output to Screen
by DevX Pro
I am trying to send a text file that I have made from my report to the printer. The code is: REPORT FORM neto ASCII TO FILE pom.txt set headings off TYPE auto pom.txt TO PRINTER This sends the file POM.TXT to the printer but also displays the file on the currently active window. I don't know how to avoid displaying the file; I just want to send it to the printer.
Query Returning Case-Insensitive Matches
by DevX Pro
Using ASP and ODBC, I can query Microsoft Access databases using the "Like" operator with the wildcard %, such as: Select * from customers where lastname Like '%jon%' The query returns case-insensitive matches (Jones, jones, etc.) When using the "Like" operator with a Visual FoxPro query, however, the query returns case-sensitive matches (jones, but not Jones). How can I duplicate the case-insensitive query when using the FoxPro database?
Visual FoxPro 6 and Microsoft Word Tables
by DevX Pro
How can I make a table in a Microsoft Word document through OLE Automation from VFP? I investigated with the Visual Basic editor and I can't find how to do it. Could you give me more information?
Direct Response to Another Frame on a Page
by DevX Pro
I have a page broken into two frames. Frame A has a form. I would like the response from the form directed to Frame B. Right now, my response from A's action is being written into A.
Deleting a Record
by DevX Pro
I am currently building a VB application that needs to delete records in a .dbf field. The connection to the database is established through ADO by using a DSN. Currently, when I attempt to delete a record (using SQL's delete), the record is simply marked to be deleted, but is not deleted. How do I delete the record?
Grid Object Methods and Properties
by DevX Pro
I have opened a table as a grid object. I want to go to a desired column (say 34) and the table has 62 fields. Currently only columns 1 through 10 are visible. How can I accomplish this?
Passing a Variable to a Compiled Program
by DevX Pro
I am calling an .FXP from a batch file, but would like to pass a variable. Am I able to do this? How would FoxPro recognize it?
Popping Up a Form
by DevX Pro
I have a form for which I do not want to give the user navigation privileges. I want the form to pop up at the record specified by a parameter with the "do form" command. I understand that I can pass a param with "Do form col001 with 123456" and then handle the parameter 123456 in the init event of the form. But when the form appears, it shows the top record of the file and not the one specified by the parameter. How do I make this work?
Resizing FoxPro's Design Window
by DevX Pro
How do I enlarge FoxPro's design window?
Printing a Visual FoxPro Report in Text Mode
by DevX Pro
My reports are printed in graphic mode. Is there a way to print my reports in text mode?
About Box and Splash Screen Missing from App
by DevX Pro
I recently modified the following under my application's class libraries... app_aboutbox app_splash I rebuilt the project and executable, but when I run my application, text and images from both the splash screen and About box are missing. Am I modifying these in the wrong place?
Creating 30-Day Trial Applications
by DevX Pro
I am Web site developer assisting a Visual FoxPro developer in distributing his creation via the Internet. He wants to create a 30-day trial version for distribution in this way. Does Visual FoxPro have any kind of canned modules available that would do this sort of thing or is he going to have to build it in from scratch?
File Locations
by DevX Pro
I have set Home as C:\MyApp in Project Information. VFP has no problem finding the project, but when I do a build and, while running, click a link to a form, it wants to look in the VFP directory or, since I put SET DEFAULT TO C:\MyApp in main form Activate code, it wants to look there instead of in: C:\MyApp\Forms. Doesn't VFP know to look in a Forms subdirectory for a form? I want the application to find each component (form, database, report, etc.) based on setting a single "Application Home Directory" so that when I deploy it to the target PC, I only need to change a single location setting. Is this possible? I want the application to find each component (form,database,report,etc.) based on setting a single 'Application Home Directory' so that when I deploy it to the target PC, I only need to change a single location setting. Possible?
61-80 of 144     Previous     Next
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