URL Title Using CallByName with nested objects – DevX Copying a File – DevX Finding the First Date of a Week – DevX How to learn LAN basics – DevX Referencing external config files from Web.Config – DevX Get the Messaging Right the First Time – DevX Expanding Agile IT Departments into Agile Organizations – DevX Release COM objects immediately – DevX Creating multiline tooltips – DevX CamelCase – Convert a string to camel case – DevX ‘For-Each’ of My Own – DevX Button no longer closes a form. Is this a bug? – DevX Servlet State – DevX Setting the off-line mode – DevX Amazon Appstore Downloads Climb 500% Year-Over-Year – DevX Create an Internet shortcut – DevX Blanks in the Masked Edit Control – DevX The Eolas Patent: Don’t Be a Victim – DevX Eclipse Launches Cloud Development Project – DevX Report: Confidence in Cloud Security Hits a Record Low – DevX SQL 6.5 Stored procedure – DevX Flipping Rows to Columns – DevX Multiple Hosts from Multiple DNS Servers – DevX Enumerate a Dictionary Object – DevX What is New in Visual Foxpro 6.0 – DevX Windows 8 Metro Won’t Support Flash or Other Plug-Ins – DevX The Paradox of Self-Organizing Teams – DevX Give Focus To Another 16-Bit Application In NT – DevX ClearIEHistory – Clear Internet Explorer history – DevX Parameter Passing – DevX Drag and Drop for List Boxes – DevX Resizing Images on the Fly – DevX Checking If a Function Pointer is Valid – DevX Text Range and pasteHTML – DevX Response window looses focus in DW – DevX Refresh Part of a Page – DevX SetDesktopVisible – Decide whether the desktop is visible – DevX Project Management Work Analysis – DevX Getting Started with Android Development Using Eclipse – DevX Binding a Data Control to a Returned Recordset – DevX Forward Declaration of Classes Within Namespaces – DevX Is it possible to really touch something in VRML? – DevX Microsoft Adds Enterprise Tools to IE11 – DevX Creating Tables in a Stored Procedure – DevX Taking the Enterprise Mobile: Developer Roundtable – DevX Dialog Boxes Cannot be Resized – DevX Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library for Office 365 – DevX Split – A replacement for VB6’s Split function under VB5 – DevX Searching Numerical Fields – DevX Advanced Lock Monitoring – DevX API’s Available that Allow Creation of DVD-like Experiences – DevX GoXML Simplifies File Transformations: A Functional Product Review – DevX ShowIcon – Extract an icon from a file and show it – DevX TextBoxGetLineColumn – Get caret position in a multiline TextBox control – DevX String Search Mechanism – DevX Connecting to Oracle – DevX Conversion of a non-OO programmer to Delphi – DevX Using an Associative Array – DevX Save Expensive Heap Allocations – DevX JavaScript Variable Declaration – DevX Storing InitialContext in Servlet Sessions – DevX Moving a User’s Folder – DevX Modem performance – DevX Missing the Calendar Folder – DevX App Annie Buys Mobidia – DevX Inserting Images to SQL Using a SP and N-tier App – DevX Convert Descriptive Flex Fields to Numbers – DevX Nested Outer Joins – DevX Enterprise Cloud-Based VMs Up 35% – DevX Converting a Hexadecimal String to int – DevX Getting jQuery Mobile 1.4 and PhoneGap 3.1 to Work Together – DevX Shortcuts for the VB Environment – DevX Best Method for Inserting Rows – DevX What’s the difficulty with using a single datasource from a DBGrid and DBTexts? – DevX Report: Code Quality Improves for Open Source Big Data Tools – DevX Validate Users’ Selections in Drop-Downs – DevX Report: Mobile App Usage Increased 35% – DevX FilterString – Remove invalid characters from a string – DevX Count number of words with the RegExp object – DevX Autoforwarding to an Outside Address – DevX Find the Path of a Project With ASP – DevX GetValidationSummary – Builds a validation summary for all the controls inside a container – DevX SetRegisteredUser – Modify the name of registered user and organization – DevX IDC: Consumer Tablet Sales Drop; Enterprise Tablet Sales Rise – DevX OpenUserobject on a tab control – DevX Extracting Integers From Text file – DevX How Moving to the Cloud Is Like Cleaning Out Your Garage – DevX BackgroundVerticalGradient – Paint a vertical gradient background – DevX Hackers Compromise Test Server for – DevX Exploring Secrets of Persistent Application Settings – DevX VB Constant Declaration – DevX Java Strings: Mutable or immutable? – DevX How Agile Development Came to Microsoft – DevX GetDirectories – Returns all the subdirectories of a directory – DevX NetKernel: Moving Beyond Java’s Concurrency – DevX IT consulting Archives – DevX Saving RichTextBox as Plain Text – DevX DLLs and Dynamic Memory Allocation – DevX Identifying the WAP Browser – DevX Determining Stack Content Type – DevX Entering Password at Startup – DevX Quick comparison among UDTs – DevX Returns As a String The Complete Path To The Current (Working) Directory – DevX Converting Long Character String Into Short String – DevX Function sscanf – DevX Creating a Splash Screen – DevX Making an Alert Pop Up With a Message – DevX GetDesktopVisible – Determine whether the desktop is visible – DevX Computing Number of the Week – DevX Object Was Unloaded Error – DevX Interfacing with Excel – DevX System-wide keyboard Hook – DevX Changing an Installed Code Page – DevX CompareDirectories – Find different files in two directories – DevX Editing Report Details in Print Preview – DevX Renaming a SQL Column – DevX Forcing a function to be non-inline – DevX Return the Results of a T-SQL Procedure Execution – DevX Prevent unauthorized changes to ASP.NET configuration files – DevX Use Currency instead of LARGE_INTEGER values – DevX Strip Leading Zeros in ASP Output – DevX Close the DataReader before changing database – DevX Configuring a CD-ROM – DevX FileToArray – Reading all lines from a text file into a String array – DevX What Happens When a Cloud Development Platform Dies? – DevX SetExternalHTMLEditor – Change the name of the external HTML editor – DevX Determine the Characteristics of a Java Method – DevX Rounding a Number – DevX Incompatible Version Errors – DevX Documenting my tables, triggers – DevX Hide or disable the Windows’ application bar – DevX Help on commands – DevX Atlassian Unveils Git Client for Windows – DevX Can you recommend a hardware/software configuration for database? – DevX Converting VBScript to JavaScript – DevX GetClassesByMember – Retrieve the list of classes that expose a given property or method – DevX Saving Information – DevX Current Directory – DevX ActiveX DLLs – Maintaining Compatability – DevX Perl -HTML Integrating Perl with PHP in Windows – DevX ASCII Value Conversions – DevX Google Cracking Down on Developers Who Don’t Use Payment Service? – DevX Report: Demand for Mobile Development Skills Up – DevX Objects And Classes – DevX Storing objects in the Tag property – DevX GetFileIcon – Retrieve the icon associated to a file – DevX Adjusting for Deleted Rows – DevX MsSql v6.5; big result sets and disconnects – DevX Cloud Foundry: The Open Source PaaS with Close Java Ties – DevX Pros and Cons of 5 Mobile UI Frameworks – DevX Master Page Introducing ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages – DevX Command-Line Argument in FoxPro 2.0 – DevX Emerging from the Technological Winter – DevX How does one overload operator->*()? – DevX I/O stream and opening to a file – DevX File handles/pointers – DevX Using Predefined Access Queries – DevX The Road to Application Portfolio Management: A Case for APM – DevX Changing MDIChild Property at Runtime – DevX Smart Pointer – DevX Sending Internet E-mail – DevX Reading Multiple Variables Simultaneously – DevX How to determine ancestor’s return value from its descendant – DevX Creating an Application Setup Wizard – DevX Saving LinkList on disk and then reading it back – DevX Sending a Cookie to a Server Through a HttpURLConnection – DevX Speed up String Operations – DevX Checking for Cancel in Loop – DevX Handling BindException in Java – DevX GetBitmapInfo – Retrieve width, height and colors in a bitmap – DevX LAN performance – DevX Java numerical performance – DevX DARPA Funds Python – DevX Creating Long Delays – DevX Appcelerator Launches Enterprise Mobile Development Platform – DevX NoSQL Options for Developers – DevX Why I Don’t Let Cloud Computing Cloud My Mind – DevX Google Updates Kubernetes for Greater Scalability – DevX Getting the Week Start Date and Week End Date in SQL – DevX Book Excerpt: Microsoft Expression Blend Unleashed – DevX GetRandomPassword – Generating a random password with the specified length – DevX GetImageFormat – Retrieve the format of the input image, according on its extension – DevX String to StringBuffer Conversion – DevX Using Access 97 to Connect to FoxPro Tables – DevX AJAX, the Enterprise, and SOA—A Look Into the Future – DevX Obtain the Text in a Window with the Handle of a Form – DevX Handle Advanced Arrays With RDS – DevX Changing Link Color with Mouseovers – DevX Move Animated GIFs Across a Web Page – DevX Oracle, Verizon Sign Hybrid Cloud Computing Deal – DevX Exception Specification is not Part of a Function’s Type – DevX Finding Unique Data – DevX Creating User Defined Functions – DevX Push Notifications Coming to Amazon Web Services – DevX SharePoint’s Delegate Control Power – DevX Using Locked Property vs. Disabled Property – DevX URLDecodeEx – Decodes an encoded URL – DevX New Mixpanel Tool Helps Track App Revenue – DevX Copy to Clipboard – DevX Using GetFileTime and CompareFileTime – DevX iOS and Android Devs Fight to Retain Users – DevX Big Tech Firms Set to Boost Cloud Acquisitions – DevX Using ORDER BY Based on a Parameter – DevX Programmatically Clearing a Text Box – DevX XHTML and Javascript – DevX “Getting Real” with RDF and SPARQL – DevX Registering DLLs on a Remote NT 4.0 Server – DevX Add Flexible Sort Capabilities to ListView Controls – DevX ClipboardGetText – Retrieving the text in the clipboard – DevX Convert from cubic yards to cubic meters, and vice versa – DevX Microsoft to Add AJAX Capabilities to ASP.NET – DevX Convert from square inches to square centimeters, and vice versa – DevX How to Create a Web Service in C# – DevX Declaring Variables as Object Types – DevX Javascripts Code Problems in Netscape – DevX Which is a better language for a right-brained type, C or Perl? – DevX Difference Between RANK, DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER SQL Statements – DevX String to Float – DevX Clearing Text Property – DevX GetListBoxSelectRange – Retrieve the index of all the selected items in a ListBox – DevX Two Ways to Chain Servlets – DevX SortedListFromHashtables – Creating a sorted list that combines the keys from 2 hashtables – DevX GetBitmapInfo – Retrieve information on a bitmap – DevX Provide a short description of the menu item being highlighted – DevX Beginner – DevX Killing a Form – DevX KillProcess – Terminate any application – DevX Extended user interface for combo boxes – DevX How do I set Paradox table passwords? – DevX Set explain on fails – DevX Listing all available SQL Server – DevX Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 2015 Product Line, Pricing – DevX JoinQuoted – A Join variant that encloses string values in quotes – DevX I tried fld.SetFocus() but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions? – DevX Displaying Exceptions’ Description – DevX ASP & MS Excel – DevX Get the Keys for Rows Added by an INSERT Statement – DevX Selecting Data from Views with Aliases – DevX Activating the Previous Instance of Your App – DevX Creating Unnamed Functions with the Lambda Library – DevX Calculating Average Number of Employees in Each Department – DevX Manage User Control Values Using Javascript in an .aspx File – DevX Use Maxlength to Protect Your Database – DevX Use Static Allocation for Fixed Size Memory Buffers – DevX Deleting a Table in SQL – DevX XML in ASP vs a Java Servlet – DevX Where Class IDs Come From – DevX Possible to read integers as integers? – DevX A Custom Proxy that Handles Thread Creation and Object Pooling – DevX Evaluate an expression at runtime – DevX JavaScript Include Files? – DevX Java 2 Compatibility – DevX Toolbar Icon Without a Menu Item – DevX MSExcel – A class for writing Excel spreadsheets – DevX On Error Test On Error Test Determining if a ToElement Exists – DevX Visual Foxpro History – DevX SWT Creates Fast, Native-looking GUIs for Your Java Apps – DevX Other tools besides BCP – DevX Page allocations in a sql table – DevX Why Your Proprietary Software and Your Open Source Software Need Separate Brand Names – DevX HP Releases ALM 12 Suite – DevX Returning strings from functions – DevX XML Schemas – DevX Creating Java packages or library files – DevX Get a Dropdown Datawindow Handle – DevX Using the Autofocus Attribute – DevX IoT Requires Defense in Depth – DevX Best Intermediate Books – DevX Convert from pints to cubic decimeters, and vice versa – DevX DirExists – Check that a directory exists – DevX MySQL to MS SQL Syntax – DevX Managing Cloud Spending Is the Next Big Thing – DevX Integer lengths – DevX Understanding the Unary Operator in Java – DevX Optimize Your Application by Reducing Its Size – DevX Using the CDO for NTS Library With WML – DevX Red Hat’s Secret Patent Deal and the Fate of JBoss Developers – DevX Create a Separator Bar in .NET’s MainMenu Component – DevX GetUrlFromLinkFile – Retrieve the Url pointed by a link (*.url) file – DevX Cut, copy, and paste using API functions – DevX Jump Back and Forth Among Procedures Quickly – DevX JavaScript QuickStart: Next Steps – DevX Dynamic Global Variable Declaration – DevX How portable is C++? – DevX The VFP 8 XMLAdapter Class – DevX Don’t Forget the Closing Semicolon in Class Definitions – DevX Understanding Usage of the Position Function – DevX Titles of SQL reports – DevX JDK1.1 and Web browsers – DevX Introducing XNA Game Studio Express – DevX Red Hat Adds Azure and Container Support to CloudForms 4 – DevX Powerbuilder / application directory – DevX Manipulating the Browser’s Back Button – DevX Making Connections: Binding Controls to Custom Data Sources in .NET – DevX Salesforce Debuts Developers Website – DevX Rackspace Combines a Cloud Service with their Hosting Solution – DevX Add Share for a special User group in VB – DevX Informix OLE DB Provider – DevX Adding a New Label at Run Time – DevX Returning the Last Day of a Month – DevX Condensing rows – DevX Print the WebBrowser’s contents – DevX Copying a Database – DevX Converting to DAO 3.0 – DevX Run Multiple Copies of VB – DevX Maven 2.0: Enterprise Peace of Mind Is All Part of the Package – DevX Unloading Out-of-Control DLLs – DevX Instantiate an Object Inline – DevX Working for Scrooge – DevX Ensure that a TextBox caret is visible – DevX System Shutdown – DevX Updating Multiple frames at Once – DevX Ready for Retail? Get Your App on the Map – DevX Displaying User Confirmation Dialogs – DevX ArraySum – The sum of all the items in an array of any type – DevX Slam Selected Items Into an Array – DevX Installing Own Colormap – DevX Microsoft to Invest in Cloud Computing, Machine Learning Startups – DevX Limit the length of an item in a ListView control – DevX XML in Action – DevX Is There a GoTo Statement in ASP? – DevX Changing Default Title on Window – DevX Close All Forms Before the End of a Program – DevX Download and save an HTML page with the Internet Transfer control – DevX OPO 2.0 and mathematic operations – DevX Deleted E-mails – DevX How to Use Scanner to Receive Command Line Input – DevX Parse URLs with the System.Uri class – DevX Verizon Cloud Back Online after 40-Hour Outage – DevX Use the Controls Collection – DevX Amazon CloudFront Streams Content to iOS and Silverlight – DevX Survey: Plenty To Worry About When It Comes To Security – DevX This is PSI – DevX How can I centralize the event handling for related controls? – DevX Implement Drag and Drop in Your Windows Forms Applications – DevX Implicit Function Declaration – DevX Simple HTML Display – DevX Reading Bitmap Files – DevX Making the Case for Local Database and Synchronization – DevX How to Save an XML File on a User Computer – DevX Determining the Last Date Of a Month – DevX Event for Posting New Items to a Folder – DevX Underlining Links on Mouse Over Only – DevX Unable to Update Public/Free Busy Data – DevX Filling from Recordset – DevX WML Permissions Settings – DevX Age – Evaluating the age of a person, given his/her birth date – DevX Get a reference to a form given its name – DevX Inactivity Timeout – DevX Retrieve File Descriptions – DevX Load a Bitmap Resource from a DLL – DevX Truncate Table – DevX Finding the Identity Fields – DevX Performing a Word Search in SQL – DevX Bonjour Programming on the iPhone, Part I – DevX Exchange Client Setup for Sensitive E-mails – DevX Create a Dynamic Web Page Using an Xmlns Declaration – DevX Shifting the Focus in a JavaScript Rollover – DevX Making the VFP Report Writer Accessible By VB – DevX Programming in in Win32 – DevX Overloading The ! Operator – DevX Hiding a base class member function – DevX Max Calculation – DevX Exponents – DevX Providing Multiple Colors – DevX Moving DNA applications from COM+ to .NET: Drill down to Serviced Components – DevX Searching for matching strings – DevX Command Line Switches – DevX Display Phone Data in Mask – DevX Redirect the browser when the output has already been sent – DevX Highlight Content in Response to User Mouseover Using DHTML/CSS – DevX MicroSoft Visual Foxpro 6.0 Grid Control – DevX OPO and stored procedure parameters – DevX ShowPrinterProperties – Display printer’s Properties dialog – DevX How to Find the End of a File in Java – DevX XUI: Finally, a Java GUI Framework You Can Love – DevX GetAllFiles – Search files in a directory or directory tree – DevX Quick C# Project Documentation in Visual Studio – DevX How to Display Images in Java Stand-alone Applications – DevX WML With JSP and JavaBeans – DevX Creating Directories – DevX Separating Colors with a Pull-Down Menu – DevX HeapSort – A compact routine that sorts data in place – DevX VMWare and CollabNet Push ALM into the Cloud – DevX Hide and show the mouse cursor – DevX Optimizing the HTML Code – DevX Disksize/Diskfree problem – DevX Benchmarks with millisecond accuracy – DevX How to force a drop-down combo to drop its list down – DevX Outlook Client Locks Up – DevX Grid Object Methods and Properties – DevX The sp_spaceused Procedure in SQL – DevX Extract the ID3 Tag From an MP3 File – DevX CLSIDToProgID – Convert a CLSID into a ProgID – DevX Camera-enable Your Applications with BREW’s ICamera APIs – DevX Customization the Highlight of BuilderX Release – DevX The Boost Web Site – DevX Turn your Cloud Storage into a Virtual Drive with Gladinet – DevX Doing Away with Temporary Variables and Anonymous Classes – DevX Ask the Doc Detective: Apply a Filter to the DataViewManager and More – DevX VB5 Enterprise Animation Control – DevX Use the Dual Interface Instead of vtbl only or Pure Interfaces – DevX Amazon EC2 as the Entry-level Cloud for Developers – DevX Creating graphics of forms for documentation – DevX Rewind a File – DevX PlayWAV – Play a WAV file – DevX Misconceptions on variables and binding – DevX How do I achieve consistent data retrieval performance? – DevX Return type _Cdecl – DevX Resize a Form to the Working Area on the Desktop – DevX Wizard won’t allow creating TQuery grid with only a few visible fields – DevX Creating a report/file of info about each LAN user – DevX Removing Exchange – DevX INSERT and ORDER BY in Creating Views – DevX Implementing the C enum Keyword – DevX VB and Oracle: Use ADO or ODBC? – DevX outsource Archives – DevX DHTML & Search Engines – DevX Determine If an Error Occurred During the Construction of Your Object – DevX Server.CreateObject vs. the OBJECT Tag – DevX Generate Unique String IDs – DevX System Tray – DevX IsClientScriptEnabled – Checking if the client script support is requested and possible – DevX How did Windows start? – DevX Obtaining and Using an Object of the Type Class – DevX Judging Java Timeline – 2000-2001 – DevX Extract all quoted strings with the RegExp object – DevX QueryWhere() – DevX The fastest way to delete all the rows in a table – DevX Arrays as Pointers in C++ – DevX nullptr: A Type-safe and Clear-Cut Null Pointer – DevX Using CreateProcess Instead of _tspawnl to Spawn Programs – DevX continuous data protection Archives – DevX How can I add a new menu item to the system menu application? – DevX Get the Last Day of the Current Month – DevX Datatype – TEXT – DevX Retrieving a Large Amount of Data From SQL Server – DevX How to Prevent Simultaneous Access – DevX HPE Launches ALM Octane DevOps Tool – DevX Creating EXE Files with CCE – DevX Report from CloudConnect: Heroku PaaS – DevX Changing Password in Oracle 7.3 database from PB – DevX Application Design and Passwords – DevX Undocumented dialog box to change screen saver’s password – DevX Improve on the Bubble Sort – DevX Use the VB Response Object to Generate Dynamic HTML Pages – DevX GetDomainName – Retrieving the domain name – DevX Writing a Query Showing ID Status – DevX Problem with Multiple Table Joins – DevX Indexing Overkill – DevX What is an Interface? – DevX Appcelerator Adds Enterprise Features – DevX Enforce Case With Enums – DevX Database Property – DevX Research: AWS Still Dominates Cloud Computing Market – DevX Importing Tab-Delimited ASCII File with SQL Loader – DevX ADO Data Control – DevX Multiple Inheritance – DevX Java OOP – DevX Registering ActiveX Files – DevX CreateFileAssociation – Creating a new file association – DevX Inserting a Header/Footer in an Exported Text File – DevX Side-by-side Tables – DevX Unexpected Socket Close – DevX Not Wanting Table to Remain Read-Only – DevX Ask Users Before Rejecting X509 Certificate – DevX Recursive Function Finds a Control on a Form – DevX Printing a Report to a RTF or HTML File – DevX The fastest way to append contents to a TextBox control – DevX strchr – DevX The Many Uses of the Split Function – DevX Introspection of classes – DevX Changing Cell Colors – DevX Windows Vista SideShow Gadgets: Little Apps, Big Impact – DevX Using the “Friendly Name” When Sending Emails Through Code – DevX Mary Meeker Presents 2015 Internet Trends Report – DevX Add a Different Country’s Holidays to Outlook Calendar – DevX Turn Off Sessions in Active Server Pages – DevX How to Quickly Sort an Array – DevX GetCorrectValueInCombo – DevX Unload setup projects before running the Inheritance Picker – DevX Pinpoint Code Problems Using Java’s Assertion Facility – DevX Untitled Navigating the Object Hierarchy – DevX Create an HTML Report From a SQL Server Database – DevX Netscape Does Not Support VBScript – DevX Informix non-logged databases – DevX CodeWarrior Wireless Studio Soothes Portability Woes – DevX Virtual and Non-Virtual – DevX Survey: 20% of Enterprises Use Containers in Production – DevX RDBMS – DevX Advantages/Disadvantages of Using Sub Main – DevX The Future of Video Game Development: It’s All About Social – DevX Tip: Search for Text Inside All Your SQL Procedures – DevX ComboBoxExtendedMatching – Extended Matching mode for ComboBox controls – DevX Determine Which Controls are on a Form – DevX Design Your Colors So User Can Change Them – DevX MoveMouseCursor – Move the mouse to given coordinates – DevX The AutoPostBack property requires client-side scripting – DevX Text Orientation in a Bitmap – DevX Be Sure To Clear SQL Server Cache When Performing Benchmark Tests – DevX Errors Using Microsoft Word 6.0 – DevX Hyphen Or No Hyphen When Accessing DBACCESS – DevX Overload Operator [] – DevX Close Your Windows the Windows 95 Way – DevX Convert from ounces to grams, and vice versa – DevX StringToCode – Convert a string to the corresponding VB code – DevX Saving data between postbacks in the ViewState collection – DevX Reducing string memory usage with the Intern method – DevX Activate Your Flash Animations with ActionScript – DevX Send fax from SQL Server using Microsoft Word – DevX Copying a file for source to target in Delphi – DevX Works in IE But Not Netscape – DevX How Facebook Scaled Mercurial – DevX OpenStack Juno Adds Hadoop Support – DevX MakeFileName – Create a file name out of its parts – DevX Copy and Delete Files Using ASP Code – DevX Access 97 vs. 2000 Databases – DevX Can Crystal Reports output to MS Word? – DevX Screen resolution – DevX Special Report: Agile Hits Its Stride – DevX Constructor for a Protected Class – DevX VB and WinSock – DevX Binding Across Forms – DevX GetRandomColor – Generating a random color – DevX Java Pausing Abilities – DevX C++0x Forward Enum Declarations Cut Down Compilation Time and Dependencies – DevX Calculating the Average of a Column – DevX Retrieving PC or System Information – DevX How to Pass Values Using the ‘GET’ and ‘POST’ Methods Simultaneously – DevX Pre-Compiled Database Triggers – DevX Void Function Arguments – DevX FoxmedPro vs. Microsoft SQL – DevX Use a Data Stream as a Source for DOMDocument – DevX Memory Representation of Identical String Literals is Implementation Defined – DevX Counting Time – DevX Exchange Server Slow Down – DevX Google Confirms Android, Chrome Will Merge – DevX Format a drive using an undocumented function – DevX Integration with Word97 Adding Page Number – DevX ObjFromPtr – Return an object from its pointer – DevX Are Borland’s Delphi and C++Builder code-similar? – DevX Copying the selected text of a RichTextBox text into the Clipboard – DevX DATABASES and TABLES – DevX Transform a variable into a Property – DevX Creating Forms in Shapes Other than Rectangles – DevX Display the Connect To Printer dialog – DevX GetUSStates – Get the list of US States and their abbreviations – DevX Efficient Array Copying – DevX User changes – DevX Consistent Error Handling in SQL Server – DevX Accessing user controls from the code-behind – DevX Why doesn’t the window.close() method always work? – DevX Using TCP/IP on AS/400 midrange system – DevX Sorting Data Within a Datagrid – DevX Pivotal One PaaS to Launch Later This Year – DevX email security Archives – DevX RecycleBinItems – Get info on the items in the Recycle Bin – DevX IsExecFile – Check whether a file is an executable file – DevX Microsoft to Improve Support for Hadoop – DevX Type-Declaration Characters – DevX Inserting Different Types of Objects in a STL List – DevX IsValidUsSSN – Validating a US Social Security Number (SSN) – DevX Exchange Server 5.5 Redundancy for Fail-Over – DevX .NET Programming SQL Server Programming Build an XML Data Extension for SQL Server Reporting Services – DevX Book Excerpt: The Java Tutorial, Fourth Edition – DevX Use for sp_OAStop – DevX Bitmap size in PB toolbar – DevX Check whether a form is loaded – DevX Display the Contents of a Stored Procedure – DevX iHTML – DevX Setting a New Handler – DevX Function Returning Character Position Within String – DevX Dynamic Content Using Radio Buttons – DevX Client-side Processing With ASP – DevX Binding to a Database – DevX Text files with MFC – DevX Book Excerpt: Continuous Enterprise Development in Java – DevX Threads – DevX OnKey() – DevX GetWSException – Extracting the name of the SoapException’s inner exception – DevX yymmdd-to-yyyymmdd Date Format – DevX Variable Within Quotation – DevX Adding events dynamically in a Windows Form – DevX Typed Datasets: A First Step to .NET Flexibility – DevX Handling Complex Initialization – DevX NetWare and IP – DevX Handle Ambiguity with Cutoff Year in SQL Server and OLE Automation Objects – DevX Constant Pointer – DevX Microhelp and the Status Bar – DevX Interpreted or Compiled? – DevX OnMouseOver – DevX To Sync Or Not To Sync (ASYNC) ODBC Queries – DevX Recurses! Foiled Again! – DevX Additem Method Syntax – DevX The Catch to Bezos?s Law of Cloud Pricing – DevX Accessing Recordset in Another ASP Page – DevX BitClear – Clear a bit in a value – DevX Compressing XML—Part I, Writing WBXML – DevX XML Reference – DevX Converting Text in Excel Columns to the Right Case – DevX Force the Extension of a Class Without Overriding Any Single Method – DevX An Integrated-Documentation Tool for Oracle Databases – DevX Is there a preferred VRML browser? – DevX Very Slow Queries – DevX Dynamic Templates for the Repeater, DataList and DataGrid Controls – DevX Goto Statements – DevX MySQL Master Slave Replication – DevX Outside Groups Work on a New Version of Java EE – DevX Wait for a process to terminate – DevX Inlining Virtual Member Functions – DevX Filtering Table Records – DevX Samsung Plans to Open Source Bada – DevX Microsoft Revamps Developer Portal – DevX Playing Sound Files in FoxPro Apps Quickly – DevX Copy Multiple Items in the Clipboard – DevX Dynamic Buffer – DevX SQL Selection from Visual Basic 6.0 – DevX Some Useful String Manipulation Functions – DevX Derived Classes – DevX Convert an Array Into a String in JavaScript – DevX Returning Objects by Value – DevX Shortcut for 16/32-bit Development – DevX Connecting Remote Client to Informix Server – DevX SplitTbl – Split a string with multiple delimiters – DevX Matching Employees’ Skills with Jobs – DevX Using the Accelerometer on the iPhone, iPod Touch – DevX #4: Java, C++, C#, and VB.NET – DevX Judging Java Timeline – 1996 – DevX When to use Access vs. VB – DevX Local External Functions – DevX Build a Robust Network and Security Foundation for Web Services – DevX Evolution of Visual Basic – DevX SetMenuBitmap – Add a bitmap to a menu item – DevX SysTray Popup Menu – DevX Atlassian Updates Jira Bug Tracker – DevX VB Inheritance – DevX Converting UNIX_TIMESTAMP to Readable Format in MySQL – DevX How to Write a MapReduce Program Using the Hadoop Framework and Java – DevX Memory Management – DevX Save Inputted Data From a Form as a CSV File – DevX Always Initialize Pointers – DevX Migrate Access97 Apps with InterDev – DevX Changing E-mail Addresses in Bulk – DevX Updating a VB6 DLL on the Web Server – DevX Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft Form AI Partnership – DevX Enterprise Mobile Cloud Computing – DevX Make a Checkbox control read-only – DevX Create a Database Connection by Passing a DataSource Object – DevX Using Access 7.0/95 with VB 3.0 – DevX Google, Cloudera Bring Cloud Dataflow to Spark – DevX Editing Multiple File Types in Developer Studio Environment – DevX Selective Exchange Restore – DevX Amazon Officially Supports In-App Purchases for Appstore – DevX Wrangling SharePoint Workflows with Visual Studio – DevX Memory Management: Lost Resources – DevX Agile Software Development and the Internet of Things – DevX Saving an OLE Object to a Database – DevX Suppress Spaces in a Text Box – DevX What is the Moving Worlds proposal about? – DevX Lessons Learned in Enterprise Design and VB6 – DevX Using Hidden Fields to Pass Data – DevX Disabling Function Keys in an Application – DevX Location of Wizards – DevX Reduce the number of DoEvents – DevX Turn Off Page Caching When Developing Web Sites – DevX Datawindow Printing – DevX A Design for a Large Project Containing Unicode String – DevX Pointers’ content reset – DevX Join – A replacement for VB6’s Join function under VB4 and VB5 – DevX Microsoft Launches Azure Data Lake Store – DevX Finding Duplicate Data Available for Multiple Records – DevX Maximum SQL database size recommendations – DevX Set the Logging Level Over a Tomcat Cluster Dynamically – DevX GetStringBetweenTags – Returns a string between 2 delimiters – DevX Access Legacy Data on Mainframe – DevX Date Comparisons – DevX Determining Field Data Type – DevX Survey Highlights Growing Importance of ‘Citizen Developers’ – DevX Using the Exec…() function – DevX Amazon Releases Beta Version of Kinesis Streaming Analytics Platform – DevX Dynamically Create a Web Page From an FTP Directory Listing – DevX Retrieving the ID of the last inserted record – DevX Saving Panels with TextField? – DevX A Hard Lesson Learned: Have a Data Recovery Plan – DevX Header Records – DevX Build HTML Tables with Tableizer – DevX Exchange Event Service – DevX GetKeyboardRepeatInfo – Retrieve information about keyboard auto-repeat feature – DevX HTML Basics: Lists – DevX UUID in Java – DevX LenB has changed from VB5 to VB6 – DevX Designing Legacy Code Wrapper Classes – DevX Caching JavaScript Files – DevX Discern among servers with the MachineName property – DevX SortBase – Support sorting routines – DevX Title of the Page HTML Basics: Basic Text Tags – DevX Which Install Method-Win9x or Win2K? – DevX Oracle Buys a Stake in Engine Yard – DevX Malloc and Free – DevX Printing formatted text and other data with the WebBrowser control – DevX Getting the Toolbar to Show Text – DevX Using Multiple Breakpoints on a Single Code Line – DevX Retrieving a Value From an Underlying Form – DevX Conversion to proper case – DevX Compiling Machine Code with GCJ – DevX Simulate an Outlook Address Book Records Selection – DevX Connection Limits to SQL Server? – DevX Display Statistics to Parse, Compile, and Execute Each SQL Statement – DevX IsMissing returns False with non-Variant arguments – DevX GetIECloseEnable – Determine wheter IE close command is enabled – DevX Passing a Form to a Sub/Function – DevX FloodFill Objects Using C# – DevX Unable to Update Cursor – DevX Putting Controls on MDI Forms – DevX IsDriveReady – Returns whether a drive is ready – DevX Terminate the process with an ErrorLevel code – DevX Migration from VB 4.0 to VB 5.0 – DevX Using the CMAB for Enterprise, Client, and User Settings – DevX Can I do a function like the macro in Clipper? – DevX Spell checking – DevX Report: 74% of Enterprise Smartphones, 81% Enterprise Tablets Run iOS – DevX Compare Different Instances of the Same Component – DevX Strip Comments Off Strings Returned by GetPrivateProfileString – DevX Changing a Character’s Case – DevX Foxpro 2.6 for DOS – DevX Adding Virtual Directories to Your Project – DevX Determine Last Modified Date of Word File From ASP – DevX GetBiosInfo – Retrieve information about the bios – DevX Formatting Data in Tabular Form – DevX Linux Developers Mull Unified App Store – DevX Writing Java for the Palm – DevX Database Limits – DevX SQL Equivalent ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ – DevX WindowDescription – Get a textual description of a window given its hWnd – DevX Automatically Logging Users Off – DevX Please Select the Date Simplifying Date Data Entry with Calendars, Part I – DevX Random Integer Generation – DevX DBENGINE – 16 bit – DevX Counting Across a Row – DevX Why Are Businesses Still Targeting iOS First? – DevX Microsoft Location Server Integration: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – DevX Automating Backups – DevX The Value of Data Archiving – DevX Unroll Loops to Optimize Your Code – DevX Toolbar image list – DevX HiWord – The most significant word in a Long value – DevX Learn to Write XAML Applications Today with Xamlon – DevX Converting from String to Integer or Float – DevX Checking if a Floppy Drive is ready using FileSystemObject library – DevX Connecting two nodes without a hub – DevX Copying Controls and Code – DevX Using Animated GIF – DevX Corrupt Paradox file – DevX Register and unregister type libraries – DevX AddComPlusAppRole – Adding a new role to a COM+ application – DevX How to set the System Date and Time in Delphi – DevX Dr. Watson Error on Exchange Server – DevX DisplayXmlFile – loading a XML file in a TreeView – DevX Record a WAV file – DevX Calling a Form’s Subroutines – DevX Prevent Fields From Being Serialized – DevX General Precedence – DevX Binary Files – DevX All About Bool.h – DevX Getting Rid of clipRect for paint() – DevX SQLMaint Update Error – DevX Delphi will not start after adding component – DevX Oracle CSO Orders Customers to Stop Reverse Engineering Code – DevX Binary File Copying – DevX A Class with a Virtual Function Should Have a Virtual Destructor – DevX Access Browser History – DevX T-SQL Performance Tip: The * Operator – DevX Using the VFP Grid Without Bound Data – DevX Masked Edit Control – DevX Automatic Creation of Wrapper Methods in a Class – DevX Function for Adding Sales Tax – DevX Disabling the Browser Back Button – DevX Survey: Enterprises Increasing NoSQL Adoption – DevX Choose Compares Carefully – DevX Using Field Names With Spaces – DevX Comparing Analytics Platforms: Azure vs. AWS, Part II – DevX What If Oracle OpenWorld Did Swallow JavaOne? – DevX Canadian Developers Launch Git Bounty Project – DevX Threading and SimpleDateFormat – DevX Setting Up Indivdidual Addresses – DevX Featured Tip: Convert a PPT File into an Image or HTML File in .NET – DevX Making Class Array Access Methods of Other Classes – DevX Error Message Passing Throughout Nested Components – DevX This is PSI – DevX Accessing Parameter from HTTP-Request – DevX Problems With Single Quotes – DevX JavaScripts – DevX Duplicate Win 95 Sorting – DevX Determining Visual Fox Pro Field Length – DevX Lock failure – DevX Handling SQL Server Errors in Nested Procedures – DevX Disabling the session state to improve performances – DevX Changing Picture Colors in File List Box – DevX Changing Date Format – DevX Apply Fit and FitNesse to Run Web-Based Acceptance Tests – DevX Using Temp Tables in Oracle 8i – DevX Executing a Subprocess – DevX SetIEContextMenuEnabled – Decide whether IE context menu is enabled – DevX Adding a Column at a Specific Position – DevX Create an RMI-JRMP-SSL Server Using the New JDK1.5.0 Classes – DevX Scrolling Image – DevX Command Windows Tricks in the Visual Studio IDE – DevX Getting the Address of a Function – DevX Hiding Columns in a DataGrid – DevX Error Message When Creating a New ActiveX Class – DevX coding Archives – DevX Easily Retrieve File Attributes – DevX Protect Your Screen Saver From Restarting – DevX ActiveX & Data controls – DevX Converting Fixed-Width Text Records to XML – DevX Obtain a List of Columns From a Stored Procedure – DevX Copying data into the Clipboard – DevX ‘80004005’ Error in Visual InterDev – DevX 10 Forces Influencing Enterprise Cloud Computing – DevX Type the Keyword Exactly to Avoid Syntax Errors in JScript – DevX Report: Android Ad Impressions on the Rise – DevX How can I add text to the graphs control – DevX How to Calculate the Alignment in C++ – DevX Adobe to Release Enterprise Version of PhoneGap – DevX ParaSail Language Makes It Easier to Program for Multicore Environments – DevX Where Android Beats the iPhone – DevX Open Source Java Reporting with JasperReports and iReport – DevX SQL Simplicity for Java Value Mapping – DevX Talk to a cgi-bin on WEB in POST method not GET – DevX Making a Binary Executable – DevX Speed up Recordset creation with the CommandType property – DevX Data level security – DevX How to Initialize an Array – DevX The Eclipse Foundation Turns 10 – DevX Network Logon/Logoff Functions – DevX Getting Data That Is in One of Two Tables – DevX Designing XML Objectively – DevX Pure Virtual Destructors – DevX Putting Hints in Status Bar – DevX HTML5 Drag and Drop Tutorial – DevX GetWordOccurrences – Number of occurrences of each word in a string – DevX Concatenate an array of strings with commas and a final “and”, or other separators – DevX Populating Databases – DevX fflush() – DevX Mail – DevX 10 Ways to Fund Your Startup – DevX Removing Messages on the Server – DevX Form with One Text Field – DevX Passing a unction as an argument – DevX ASP.NET: Creating an Application Configuration Class – DevX Oracle Survey Sheds Light on Enterprise Mobile Development – DevX HTML Basics: Choosing A Color – DevX .Finalize(): What Does That Beep Mean? – DevX SAP, Apigee Partner on API Management – DevX Receiver Sender Parent Frame Test Use Special Syntax to Find Applet Running in Another Frame? – DevX How do I send the text from a memo to the printer? – DevX Reduce Server Too Busy errors with the httpRuntime tag – DevX Favor the Function Object to the Function Pointer in STL Algorithms – DevX SetRegistryValue – Write a value in the Registry – DevX Microsoft and SAP Intro Duet Enterprise – DevX Microsoft: Windows 10 Will Be the Last Version of Windows – DevX Check a GUID – DevX Permutations – Number of permutations of N objects in groups of M – DevX GetFilesInfo – Read all the information about all the files or subdires in a given path – DevX Memory wasted by Spring Boot application – DevX CreateProcess in Windows NT – DevX Client Licensing – DevX Sorting in the .NET Framework – DevX Disabling Further Inheritance of a Class – DevX Hashtable Key Replacement – DevX Exporting dw to Excel using OLE using PB5 – DevX Incremental Searches with a TListbox – DevX Creating Help Files for VB – DevX IS Administrator – DevX Creating 30-Day Trial Applications – DevX Using Where on Fields of Differing Types – DevX View-only Admin Permissions – DevX CTIA, San Francisco, ’08: Teenage Wasteland? – DevX How to Undo Dropping a Table in Oracle SQL – DevX Understanding What Grants a User Has in MySQL – DevX GetIEStartPage – Read IE start page – DevX FillWindowsTree – Fill a treeview with the windows hierarchy – DevX A New Data Programming Style – DevX HTML Advanced: Practice – DevX CopyDirectory – Copy a directory – DevX All Variables Must be Variants While Writing ASP code with VBScript – DevX Top Tips for Writing More Secure Code – DevX Date Subtraction – DevX User-Defined Data Type in a Temporary Table – DevX Ask the Doc Detective: Background Apps and More – DevX Where is That Serialized Hashed Key? – DevX Java Turns 10: The Developer Retrospective – DevX RSA Security Conference: Identify, Protect, and Patch, Patch, Patch – DevX Flurry Report Highlights Mobile Fragmentation Woes – DevX Determine whether the app is running on a flawed Pentium CPU – DevX Control the mouse speed under Windows 98 / 2000 – DevX How to Prevent Corrupt Indexes – DevX Take Advantage of the Logging Block in Enterprise Library 3.0 – DevX Boost the Switch Statement in JDK 12 – DevX Viewing Available Properties – DevX No Cutting or Copying Text in Browser Window – DevX Launch another process in a specified directory – DevX content removed … – DevX Pointer to Structure – DevX Indirection Operator – DevX China Blocks GitHub Access – DevX Cool Screen Wipes – DevX Ping with J2SE 1.5.0 – DevX Hide and Show a control’s scrollbars – DevX Register ActiveX Components Manually – DevX Stored Procedures – DevX Dual Processor Support – DevX ListBoxes and ItemData – DevX #5: JavaScript – DevX Restoring Your Database Safely – DevX Java File date – DevX Access Selected Text Using TextRange.text – DevX DHTML and XML Courses – DevX Forward-Declaring I/O Classes and Templates – DevX Reduce Flickering During Form Loading – DevX IBM, VMware Partner on Hybrid Cloud Offerings – DevX Cleanup Notification Area Icons in your Windows Taskbar – DevX Structured variables – DevX Printing a line at the detail band – DevX Manage the SQL Server date format with SQL DMO – DevX Freemium App Model Continues to Gain Traction – DevX Finding the Greatest Lower Bound – DevX Customize the IDE Toolbar – DevX Passing a Parameter to a Stored Procedure – DevX CheckWindowsUser – Check whether a username/password pair is correct – DevX Rackspace Encourages More Open Source Development – DevX Changing Database Names – DevX Grid, HPC Cluster and Cloud, Part 2: A Developer Perspective – DevX Achieve Seamless Connectivity with Virtual Directories – DevX Intel to Close AppUp Store – DevX KeepInRange – Ensure that a value is in a given range – DevX Destructor-explicit invocation – DevX Templates and Nested Classes – DevX API for NT Command Scheduler? – DevX ListBoxEnsureVisible – Ensure that a ListBox element is visible – DevX BASE TARGET for all a HREF documents in frame – DevX Error Code When Executing Program – DevX DevX Special Report: The Road to Ruby – DevX MoveListboxItem – Move an item of a ListBox to another position – DevX SemiCRC – A fast CRC-like algorithm – DevX References to form and controls prevent complete form unloading – DevX Balnk form – DevX IsComDll – Check whether a DLL is a self-registering COM server – DevX JFrame Exit Button – DevX Monitor stored procedure and batch activity from remote workstations – DevX Extract words with the RegExp object – DevX Determine Which Submit Button Was Clicked – DevX Getting Started with Modeling Maturity Levels – DevX Explore 3 Popular Myths About Garbage Collection – DevX Polymorphism – DevX Remote access server – DevX Fatten Up Your Java UIs with JGoodies – DevX Package Protected Constructor – DevX Get Started with JBoss Application Server – DevX Quantcast Releases Hadoop Alternative – DevX GetODBCDriverInfo – Get information about a specific ODBC driver – DevX Adding Controls to Pageframes – DevX Using OUTER , WHERE or Simply JOIN – DevX SQL UPDATE 2 TABLES – DevX Gaining control after form is minimized – DevX Gogo Launches APIs for Building In-Flight Apps – DevX Why Your Silverlight and VB6 Applications Are Ticking Time Bombs – DevX Time Data – DevX Embedding Variable Values – DevX RotateRightI – Rotate an Integer to the right – DevX Using PSTs to Enhance Performance – DevX Informix Ontape Backups – DevX CBitArray – a class for dealing with large arrays of Boolean – DevX Auto-Replying from a Specific Account – DevX Dates – DevX Survey: Half of Enterprise Mobile Apps Delayed Due to UI Problems – DevX Finish Your Week with .NET Rocks! – DevX My Top 5 Features of Internet Explorer 9 – DevX Inner Classes – DevX #10: SQL – DevX Put HTML and Script in Separate Blocks on the Web Page – DevX Reading text files – DevX Using NULL in a Query’s Where Clause – DevX Calendaring with Exchange and OWA or Outlook 97 – DevX Informix Row Locking Problem – DevX Animation – A class to extract all the frames of an animated image – DevX Outlook Web Access – DevX Data Shaping (Passing Multiple Parameters) – DevX State of the Semantic Web: Know Where to Look – DevX The #error Preprocessor Directive – DevX JetBrains Backtracks on Licensing Change – DevX Determine the RecordCount of a Forward-Only Recordset – DevX Toggling Edit Control Word Wrap – DevX VB 6 and Outlook – DevX More Versatile Array Parameters – DevX IBM Gets Involved with Cloud Foundry – DevX Default String Class – DevX List Structure – DevX Startup NodeFly Promises Better Monitoring for Node.js – DevX Sorting on multiple keys – DevX SingularToPlural – Converting the input word from singular to plural – DevX Design and Implement COM Server Objects So They Are As Small As Possible – DevX Place Selected Data From Listbox Into Global Variable – DevX Turning Our Backs on Beauty? – DevX Change Date to ISO8601 Date Format in C# – DevX Using xp_create_subdir to Create Windows Folders with SQL – DevX Using the Guard Mechanism in Multi-Threaded Applications – DevX UDP Clients – DevX GotoPreviousWindow – A macro to jump to the previously selected window – DevX Check for Duplicates in an ArrayList – DevX Dynamic memory allocation – DevX Prefer Native Provider Over ODBC Providers – DevX Write a Custom Outlook Add-In with Visual Studio Tools for Office – DevX Create a System Tray icon – DevX Binding a form to multiple data sources – DevX Amazon’s Cloud Gets a Reboot – DevX IsWordInstalled – Checking whether MS Word is installed – DevX ReplaceAccentedChars – Replacing all accented characters in the input string – DevX GetClickedCol() obsolete? – DevX IBM, Microsoft Forge Cloud Computing Partnership – DevX Move and Resize Controls with Accuracy – DevX Using valueOf() Instead of toString() – DevX Place a Variable-Length String in Text – DevX Displaying a Database Column in a List Box – DevX Accessing individual pixels – DevX Freemium Apps Earn More than Premium Apps – DevX SQL Statement – DevX .PAB’s in Outlook – DevX Oracle Plans to Challenge Amazon’s Cloud Computing Dominance – DevX Incoming Calls While Surfing – DevX Evaluate the number of days remaining in the current year – DevX New Line Character in ASP – DevX Threads in C++ – DevX Handle child XML nodes with care – DevX Turn on Line Numbers in SQL Developer – DevX Coding for a Time-based Medium – DevX SAP Apps Come to the Azure Cloud – DevX Problem with Using the AND Condition – DevX How can I resize forms independent of screen resolution? – DevX Create a “Current Date” Extension Element for Xalan – DevX GetTreeViewNodeRect – The bounding rectangle of a TreeView’s node – DevX Why “insufficient privileges” error when creating profile for Oracle database? – DevX Using Command Line Arguments – DevX Design with Color – DevX GoSub are slower in compiled programs – DevX Informix Gives -155 Error – DevX Streaming Media Bitrates – DevX Microsoft Adds New Features to Azure HDInsight – DevX Sending output to the standardprinter – DevX Julian (Ordinal) Date – DevX Setting Environment Variables in VB – DevX AWS Launches Dedicated Hosts Service – DevX Working with owned forms – DevX Embedding Double Quote Characters in Strings – DevX OPO Example Archive?? – DevX Setting the font size of the selected text of a RichTextBox – DevX AppFog Cuts PaaS Starting Price by 50% – DevX queues – DevX IE and Netscape Cache Components – DevX SelectionSort – Short, simple and sloooow – DevX Memory allocation at compile time – DevX Connection – DevX HTML browser in Java – DevX Handling E-mail with HTML, CDO, and SMTP – DevX Oracle Struggles in Q3 But Has Big Summer Plans – DevX Checking If a File is in Use – DevX Determine Whether or Not a Form Is Open – DevX Access Properties Only Through the Object Browser – DevX The Three Technologies We Ought to Give IT Admins – DevX Multithreading – DevX Round to a Whole Number – DevX Displaying Excel Information in ASP Pages – DevX Coming Soon: Open Source JavaFX Ports for iOS and Android – DevX CreateFileAssociation – Associate a file extension to a program – DevX Memo Fields and Carets – DevX Does Agile Development Matter? – DevX Simulating Multiple Outer Joins – DevX Alert Method Cannot be Modified From JavaScript – DevX SQL fucntion calls – DevX Using the WITH Operator – DevX Determine Whether a C or C++ Compiler Was Used to Compile Code – DevX &lt,BODY BACKGROUND…> – DevX Dynamically setting an event handler for a class’ event via reflection – DevX Determining Your Session IDs for SQL Server and Oracle – DevX Querying a List – DevX Reduce COM+ context overhead: activate in the caller’s context – DevX Maintenance of Sent Item Folder – DevX Invoke Async Call by XMLHTTPRequest in VB – DevX Book Excerpt: Real 802.11 Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i – DevX Running Strictly from CD-ROM – DevX JavaScript Named Language of the Year – DevX Extending Flash MX 2004 Series: An Introduction to the JSAPI – DevX Docker Acquires Kitematic – DevX Rich text set default font – DevX XLinq Part 1: Classes and Methods – DevX Get the Class-Level Annotation – DevX Google Snags Semantic Web Firm Metaweb – DevX Learning from Yahoo’s Hadoop Mistakes – DevX Disconnecting a Network Drive – DevX Execs Prefer Private Clouds, Survey Finds – DevX How to Learn C++ – DevX Create stand-alone type libraries – DevX Use a ParamArray as a true array – DevX Using Recordset Object – DevX CheckOLEDBProvider – Check whether an OLEDB provider is registered correctly – DevX GetExternalHTMLEditor – Read name and path of the external HTML editor – DevX 10 Tech Companies That Are Hiring Developers Now – DevX Training Management Companies – DevX Displaying the Euro Sign in a Textbox – DevX Export Records to CSV File for Excel – DevX Adding a help file to an executable – DevX Network Protocols – NetBeui – DevX Using the XMLHttpRequest Object and AJAX to Spy On You – DevX Designing Custom Components Using Scriptlets – DevX Backspaces and Form Focus – DevX Synchronization Between File Writes and Reads – DevX Installable ISAM Errors – DevX Take Advantage of Related Documents Area in Project Window – DevX DWORD Equivalent – DevX Book Excerpt: Developing Jini Applications Using J2ME Technology – DevX Accessing Online Databases – DevX Never Have to Rename the Form Action Page – DevX ???Zen??? Network Response Team To Provide Independent Back Up & 24-Hour Uptime Guarantee To Operators – DevX Updating HTTP Headers – DevX Setting up Paradox Tables on a Network – DevX How to Bind a GridView Control to XML in ASP.NET – DevX Call a DLL From ASP – DevX Comparing Text File with Existing Table – DevX Visual J++ 1.1 and Java 1.1 – DevX Field-level and interfield validations – DevX Searching Date Fields – DevX IBM, Apple Now Offer More Than 100 MobileFirst for iOS Apps – DevX The Need for Education vs. Training in Software Development – DevX Leverage the Power of the Smart Tag in Your Custom Controls – DevX Initializing Array of UDT’s – DevX ProgIDToCLSID – Convert a ProgID into a CLSID – DevX A HashMap of HashMaps – DevX Amazon’s EC2 Adds New Instances for Data-Intensive Apps – DevX Don’t mix script languages on the same page – DevX DBACCESS Syntax – DevX Automatically Invoke a JSP Page from Within a URL – DevX Counting Duplicate Rows – DevX Hiding pages of a TabControl – DevX Copying a Directory Tree – DevX Are Coding Academies Good for Students and Employers? – DevX Informix Configuration on NT – DevX Oninit Dying Unexplainably – DevX Specify Default Reference Assemblies for Command Line Compilation in .NET – DevX Rounding function – DevX Concatenation Functions – DevX Google Adds a Relational Database to App Engine – DevX Exchange Server 5.5 Messages to AOL Recipients – DevX Add Mnemonics to Inaccessible Buttons Within a Component – DevX Recommended Delphi Books – DevX ALTER TABLE Command – DevX Use MouseMove for Easy StatusBar Updates – DevX Manipulate Stored Procedure Resultsets as If They Were Simple Queries – DevX Asking a proper question – DevX Execute a Temporary SQL Stored Procedure – DevX Sending email from within OPO applications – DevX Build a Reusable AJAX Class – DevX Problem with Select Statement – DevX Creating an Executable – DevX Interform Communication – DevX Verizon Plans to Close Its App Store – DevX Facebook Opens AI Office in Paris – DevX Calling a Nested Procedure in ASP – DevX Anxious Yahoo BOSS Developers To Speak With DOJ About Microsoft Deal – DevX Passing a UDT(User-Defined Type) Between Forms – DevX Using out-process components under IIS4 – DevX This is a test – DevX Java Named Programming Language of the Year – DevX Include schema information in a DataSet’s DiffGram – DevX Cannot Quit FoxPro – DevX Generating Random Numbers in Any Range – DevX Display the Stack Trace – DevX Box Plans IPO, Courts Developers – DevX Retreive information about SQL Server – DevX Providing a default value for optional arguments – DevX ShowNetworkPrinterConnectionDialog – Connect or disconnect a printer – DevX Google Unveils Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – DevX Single Quote Marks in a SQL Query – DevX Eclipse MAT – Incoming References, Outgoing References – DevX InStrRev – A replacement for VB6’s InStrRev under VB4 and VB5 – DevX Converting from FoxPro to Oracle – DevX CreateDataReader_OleDb – Create an OLEDB Data Reader – DevX Visual FoxPro 6 – DevX Adding C++ Specific Code into IDL Files – DevX Converting GETDATE to 24-Hour Format – DevX Forward Declaration for STL String Class – DevX Position and Size Controls Using Keyboard – DevX String Surprise – DevX When to use ORDER in Sequences in PL/SQL – DevX Creating a Rich Text Field – DevX Fight “Object Moved” Errors with Response.Buffer=True – DevX Alternative Sharing for Outlook Folders – DevX Viewing Source Code – DevX Stacking Layers Above Embedded Objects – DevX Sort by date – DevX Pre-filling a TextBox control with TextMode=”Password” – DevX Security Training Falling Through the Education Cracks – DevX What is Sun’s HoloWeb proposal about? – DevX Prevent Multiple Instances of a .NET Windows Application – DevX Selecting multiple rows – DevX Week of the Year – DevX RLECompress – Compress a block of memory using RLE algorithm – DevX Windows95 printing error – DevX SetDoubleClickInfo – Set the double-click rectangle and timeout – DevX Random Pictures – DevX The ALL clause can speed up UNION statements – DevX The sig_atomic_t Datatype – DevX Quick Jumps to the Declaration Section – DevX ExeNameFromWindow – The name of the process that created a window – DevX Select Statement to Combine Two Tables – DevX Bind Option Buttons to Data Controls – DevX IIS Applications – DevX Floating Point Literals – DevX ListViewVisibleItems – The number of visible elements in a ListView control – DevX Load a text file in one operation – DevX Queries Returning Empty Cursors on Informix – DevX Short Vs. Int and Number Conversion – DevX HP Debuts Cloud-Based Enterprise App Store – DevX The “Assume No Aliasing” compiler option – DevX Build a Distributed Logging Framework Using Java RMI – DevX Design and Implement a Voice-only Web Application in ASP.NET – DevX Write a console utility to kill a process – DevX Floating Window – DevX Editing Sounds – DevX Memory Deallocation – DevX Checking Alphanumeric Characters – DevX IBM Launches Project DataWorks – DevX Managing Data in the Cloud – DevX Getting Around the 4MB Limit in ASP.NET – DevX On Throwing Exceptions From Constructors – DevX Privacy or Security: Choose One? – DevX Creating a Bit Field – DevX Is App Piracy Higher on the iPad? – DevX IT Operations: Beware the Cloud Boomerang – DevX Visual Interdev and ODBC errors – DevX Resizing Spawned Browser Windows – DevX WorkLight Adds BlackBerry Support to its All-in-One Development Platform – DevX Draw Frames on Form Without Control – DevX Saving Window Changes When Unloading – DevX Copy & Paste – DevX Duplicate Namespace Aliases – DevX The Developer’s Guide to Building Virtual PCs – DevX Exchange Mail Storage – DevX Report: SaaS Replacing Legacy Enterprise Apps – DevX List all running Windows processes – DevX SetIDESettings – Modify one of the Visual Basic configuration settings – DevX Causes for an InstantiationException – DevX PowerBuilder source recovery – DevX Selecting with Distinct – DevX GetFileOwner – Get the owner of an NTFS file – DevX Using Automation Stored Procedures to Access an Object’s Properties – DevX Informix Definition – DevX SetIECloseEnabled – Change availability of IE close menu command – DevX You Cannot Change the Title of an Alert Box – DevX Can I filter DDDW values out of itself? – DevX Is Informix ANSI ? – DevX CloneFieldStructure – Create a new Recordset with same field structure – DevX Programmatically register an ActiveX control or DLL – DevX Set Font Size in Tables Using DHTML – DevX How to implement a priority singly linked queue – DevX CSS: Color and Backgrounds – DevX Using a stored procedure like a subquery – DevX Responding to Mousedown Event in TextField – DevX Always run a component using Full-Compile – DevX GetAllControls – Retrieving all the controls inside a container and its sub-containers – DevX Simple variables are always faster than array elements – DevX App Store Reaches a Milestone: 1 Million Apps Approved – DevX How to make Enter key act like Tab key in TDBCtrlGrid – DevX Reset NT password with ‘User Must Change Password’ – DevX BlobToFile – Saving a BLOB field to a file – DevX Recovering a Corrupt pbl – DevX Window Resize Event – DevX Review: Write C# and Run on J2EE? Believe It with Visual MainWin – DevX Accessing the Communications Port – DevX Use the InStr() Function to Count Occurrences Within a String – DevX Import Web Content into Your Excel Workbook – DevX Difference Between Subs and Functions – DevX Generating KeyEvents – DevX Editing Received Outlook E-mail – DevX Arctan Function Problems – DevX This is test tip for testing purpose only – DevX Waratek Helps You Move Java Into the Cloud – DevX New U.S. Government Policy Promotes Open Source – DevX Predicting Your Firm’s Future with Least Squares, Part II – DevX Reading From and Writing To a URL – DevX Dynamic Variables and Stored Procedures – DevX Dynamic Includes – DevX Padding Effect – DevX OnMouseOver in Visual C++ – DevX Terminate and Stay Resident Programs – DevX ASP.NET Development Through Web Controls and Declarative Programming – DevX Importing Gigabytes of Data from a Flat File – DevX Co-located Exchange with ISP – DevX Adobe Customers Embrace SaaS Model More Quickly Than Expected – DevX Adding styles to the font of the selected text of a RichTextBox – DevX Use Stored Procedures in Place of Embedded SQL – DevX Enterprise IOT Tech on Display at CES – DevX Lessons Learned Building Mobile Applications – DevX Using XSLT to Comma Delimit Node Values – DevX Setting dbf File Attributes – DevX Importing Data Containing a CR/LF – DevX JoinBinaryFiles – Joining a variable number of binary files into a single file – DevX Editing Forms Directly – DevX IsAssembly – Check whether a specified file is a .NET assembly – DevX Setting authentication across different domains – DevX Data Replication as a WAN Solution – DevX Palindrome Validation Using Java – DevX Selecting Rows Based on a Distinct Value – DevX Domain-specific Modeling: Making Code Generation Complete – DevX Creating PowerBuilder executable – DevX Differences Between C++ and Java – DevX Adobe Says Air and Flash Are Winning Over Developers – DevX Create Page Breaks in an HTML Document – DevX ransomware attack Archives – DevX Azure Stack Gets Web Development, Database Tools – DevX Quickly build a simple About form – DevX Abstract classes as interfaces – DevX Flexible and Powerful Data Binding with WPF – DevX Adding Sound to an Application – DevX Telling your program about modifications – DevX Does Java Have Equivalent to C++ Copy Constructor? – DevX JPEG and GIF – which to use, and when? – DevX Ontape for Backups to Disk – DevX CConsole – A class for creating console applications – DevX Providing a Much Nicer 404 Error – DevX GetGreyScaleImage – Convert a bitmap to greyscale – DevX ShiftLeft – Shift a Long to the left – DevX Vulnerabilities Found in Apple Developer Site – DevX Using VBScript Off the Internet – DevX Definition of hDlg – DevX Getting Entries from INI Files – DevX Calculate the Difference Between Dates With VBScript – DevX Shut Down Exchange Server Automatically – DevX Override equal() and clone() a Method of an Object – DevX Counting characters in a file – DevX communication Archives – DevX Setting Windows Wallpaper – DevX IsValidRegularExpression – Checking whether a given regular expression is in valid format – DevX Microsoft Releases 4th Preview of Visual Studio 14 – DevX Using Preexisting Software to Write User Data to a File – DevX SharePoint Applied—Search Your Legacy Data – DevX Retrieving Bitmap properties – DevX Microsoft to Offer Prizes for Windows 8 App Development – DevX Creating Component Arrays – DevX Reflection: Constructors with Primitive Data Types – DevX Migrating from Informix SQL to Informix Windows NT – DevX Const Member Functions – DevX How to Fix Drop-down Box Conflict in Applet – DevX Form Input and JSP – DevX Simplify Programatic Selection in Combos – DevX Removing styles from the font of the selected text of a RichTextBox – DevX Seasoned Developers May See a Sweet Deal in Honeycomb – DevX Disable Textboxes and Combo boxes – DevX Got Data? Send It to Your Users as an Excel Spreadsheet from Your ASP Page – DevX VB.NET Faces Off Against Classic VB – DevX Friend Procedures are faster than Public ones – DevX Parsing Input File – DevX Change caret size and blink rate – DevX Data Field Refresh on Forms – DevX Change the orientation of a page in Word. – DevX FolderHasFiles – Returns whether the specified folder has files – DevX Variable Not Found Error on Read Statement – DevX Do Easy Form-Level Keystroke Trapping – DevX WebRequest & WebResponse – DevX Creating Submenus During Run Time – DevX JAAS Security in Action – DevX Cascade/Tree Menu – DevX Bringing Up the C Compiler in Visual C++ 5.0 – DevX Implementing ICloneable – Deep copies – DevX How can I create VRML pages? – DevX Get Acquainted with the New Advanced Features of JUnit 4 – DevX The To-Do List for Securely Adding a Facebook Login Button – DevX Avoid duplicate entries for the same serviced component – DevX What’s happening with multi-user 3D servers for VRML worlds? – DevX How to call a Win 32 API function that doesn’t appear in Windows.pas – DevX Generate a Native Header File and Copy It to the Desired Directory – DevX Perl 5 Development Resumes, Version 5.12 Released – DevX Need a simple script – DevX Assigning Integers to enum Variables – DevX Compares a given date with today and inserts a text expression in a narrative JavaScript – DevX Do all Power Object applications exist in an MDI frame? – DevX SQL Tutorials – DevX EXE File with No Interface That Takes Arguments – DevX Searching on Numerical Fields – DevX bot management Archives – DevX Delete a User in NT – DevX Closing an application from another app – DevX GetODBCDrivers – Read the list of ODBC drivers from the registry – DevX Windows Mobile: Communicating with the Outside World – DevX AppException – An extended Exception class that logs the errors to file – DevX Cannot Align Prompts and Alerts – DevX Project Reference – DevX Challenges in Scaling Agile – DevX Be Careful With Transient Data – DevX Ford Woos Third-Party Developers at CES – DevX Agile 2013 Conference Releases Schedule – DevX Event Binding in VFP 8 – DevX Listing Members in an Initialization List – DevX Application and App Monitoring with Microsoft Application Insights – DevX Increase Connection Throughput By Requesting Multiple Records At Once – DevX SQL Database setup – DevX .NET Building Blocks: Build a Configurable Database Credential Selector – DevX Oracle Takes a Blow in Java Case – DevX Joyent Debuts Triton Tool for Docker – DevX Implementing Secured Web Applications with IIS5 – DevX Circular Pointers – DevX Managing Your Links – DevX Undocumented trick to speed up functions that return array – DevX Apply an Identical Transformation to a DOM Tree Using TrAX – DevX Create a simple Windows inspector – DevX Build a Reflection-based Interpreter in Java – DevX Report: Cloud Computing Reduces Costs by 15% – DevX SetCapsLockKey – Set the state of the Caps Lock key – DevX Splunk Buys Mobile Analytics Vendor BugSense – DevX Moving SQL 6.5 to a RAID 5 Machine – DevX A Trace Tool, Part 1 – DevX What the Consumerization of IT Means for Enterprise Application Development – DevX C#: Why Do We Need Another Language? – DevX Graphics.create() – DevX Useful UML Modeling: Two of a Kind – DevX Accessing a Workstation in a Domain – DevX Error Handling Routines – DevX Enumerate Collections With For Each…Next – DevX Public Folder as an Outlook Address Book – DevX NT Server Local Groups – DevX Quick and Easy Queue – DevX Trapping DHTML events from the WebBrowser control – DevX ActiveX/OCX objects in Delphi 3 – DevX Choosing a Mobile App Platform? Android for Show, iOS for Dough – DevX Enable Cross-platform File Locking with a Lock Server – DevX Enumerate the users’ rights on a DB’s objects – DevX Designing Smart Documents in Office 2003 – DevX Null values in WHERE clauses – DevX SetPropertyEx – Set a property of multiple controls/objects – DevX Using DISTINCT Clause – DevX How to Create Persistent Objects – DevX Example Document The HTML 5 Layout Elements Rundown – DevX Dropping Tables at Beginning of Statement – DevX A VarPtr substitute function for VB4 – DevX ImplodeForm – Hiding a form with an implosion effect – DevX SqlWindows: OLE Automation Server or Client – DevX Microsoft Shows Strong Gains in Cloud Computing – DevX Saving HTTP requests for better debugging – DevX Operator overloading rules of thumb – DevX Start Your Engines: Mobile Application Development – DevX Best Practices for Handling Change in Your WCF Applications – DevX Using Help – DevX Rebooting the Web Server – DevX Using views to improve performance – DevX Netflix Sponsors $100K Cloud Development Contest – DevX Datatype Decision – DevX How to perform a distributed query using a linked server on SQL Server – DevX ShellSort – A compact routine that sorts data in place – DevX Gartner Forecasts SaaS Revenue to Grow 21% in 2011 – DevX Power Builder 6.5 Install Builder Tools – DevX Shockwave Flash and DHTML – DevX Returning a Certain Number of Rows – DevX Convert from pounds to kilograms, and vice versa – DevX StringFromBSTR – Convert a BSTR to a VB string – DevX Determine Date Format on the Server – DevX Creating a Report for a Video Store – DevX Discover Microformats for Embedding Semantics – DevX GetTextBoxCurrentLine – Determine the current line in a multiline TextBox control – DevX Resizing Resolution – DevX Don’t Be Square: Creating Non-Rectangular Windows with .NET – DevX Learning Visual C++ – Coming from Basic backgrd! – DevX This is test Java article – DevX New Way to Iterate a List in Java 8 – DevX T-SQL Data Conversion – DevX GetComPlusApplications – Retrieving the installed COM+ applications – DevX Using Fields Object with GetChunk – DevX Pointers to Vectors – DevX Informix Data Types for Linking Images – DevX Referencing instances of classes – DevX Correct Reference Library for FileSystemObject – DevX Ambiguous Operator Error – DevX Oracle Launches Cloud Machine – DevX Eclipse Announces ‘Great Fixes for Mars’ Contest – DevX Use Find Function of the DAO With Indexed Fields When Working With ODBC Data – DevX SelectPrinter – Setting the application’s default printer – DevX Is it possible to re-size arrays at runtime? – DevX Closing a Data Control – DevX The Advantages of XML Over CSV – DevX Creating owner drawn menu items to simulate a color picker – DevX Developing PB apps w/SQL Server as back-end – DevX File version information under NT – DevX Deal properly with Variant properties that can contain objects – DevX Controlling the cursor position in a TextField – DevX Disable Open Session in View in a Spring Boot Application – DevX Convert from imperial gallons to liters, and vice versa – DevX Send Mail From VB5 – DevX Execution parameter – DevX Nested Selects – DevX IBM Adds Location, Synchronization Modules to MobileFirst – DevX Mathmatical Functions: Decimals – DevX Peek Into the Future of XSLT 2.0 – DevX Limited Dynamic SQL – DevX Derive from STL Map – DevX Command Button Double-Click – DevX Manage Your STL Container’s Storage with Self-swapping Idioms – DevX Preventing Derivation – DevX Performance of Joined Tables – DevX How to Use the CreateToolbarEx Function – DevX Google Opens Marketplace for Cloud Apps – DevX How to get back to the first page when you follow a link from within a frame – DevX Declaring type variables or composite data types – DevX String to int – DevX Cannot Use Server.CreateObject on Client – DevX Create Horizontal and Vertical Lines Using DHTML – DevX Deleting a Directory Tree – DevX Facilitate Directory Operations with the <dirent.h> and <dir.h> Libraries – DevX Linking Forms – DevX Showing, Loading, and Unloading – DevX UseMnemonics property for bound Label controls – DevX Showing a graphical checkmark on DataGrid’s boolean columns – DevX Create ListBox controls with companion priority buttons – DevX Putting the VS 2005-Generated Data Access Layer Into Perspective – DevX Alluxio Powers Baidu Search – DevX Set AutoRedraw to False – DevX GetAbsoluteSecuredPageUrl – retrieving the absolute Url of a secured page – DevX ODBC/Oracle Lite tables – DevX Survey Reveals Disparity in Application Security Perspectives – DevX REPORT Functionality Within Informix – DevX Initializing Array Class Members – DevX Identify Tables Without an Identity Column – DevX ASP.NET Simplifies State Management in Web Applications – DevX ASP Server not able to connect to ODBC data source – DevX ArrayListMerge – Merging two ArrayList avoiding duplicate values – DevX Why Google I/O 2011 Was Worth the Trip for Android Developers – DevX Developers Protest Google App Engine Price Increases – DevX Assign Zero or NULL to a Pointer – DevX Faster VMs Available for Azure – DevX TextField Max Characters – DevX Displaying the Row Number in a SELECT Query – DevX Check for a valid URL – DevX Google Releases Cloud Datastore API – DevX Minimizing/Maximizing the VFP Window with Code – DevX Page Fault Errors in DataGrid During Record Deletion – DevX ShiftRight – Shift a Long to the right – DevX Retrieving (from a VB6 program) the installed versions of the .NET Framework – DevX Finding the End of a Word – DevX Backward compatibility – DevX Twitter Open Sources Flight JavaScript Framework – DevX Opening Web Browsers for Multiple Pages – DevX Finding Cursor Position in TextBox – DevX Use Refresh, not DoEvents – DevX A Simple Sort Not Working – DevX Updating Two Tables – DevX Apple Remains Top U.S. Smartphone Shipper – DevX JPasswordField – DevX Hortonworks Updates Data Platform – DevX void pointers – DevX Store large Boolean arrays in a BitArray object – DevX GetUNCName – Convert a file path to a UNC path – DevX Box Updates Development Platform – DevX Using setAttribute Method of DOM Object in VB – DevX Application Downloads Pick Up Pace After Smartphone Sales Soar – DevX HTML Advanced: Tables – DevX Changing Database Structure – DevX Alternative to Using – DevX Relational Database vs Flatfile – DevX Count The Rows In A Table Before Selecting Those Rows – DevX Separate Trace Statements – DevX Answering SQL Queries in Excel – DevX The Most Important Enterprise Application Development Trends from 2013 – DevX C++ Program Performance Monitor – DevX Bad Attitudes of Agile Development – DevX Include Files in VB 6.0 – DevX Saving Object to File – DevX qtaogky efiyzww – DevX Prevent Checkbox Changes – DevX Swapping Two Numbers – DevX Outlook Today Page Is Blank – DevX How to take a value and store it as a variable – DevX Windows XP Unwired (O’Reilly) .NET Compact Framework Pocket Guide (O’Reilly) ASP.NET 2.0: A Developer’s Notebook (O’Reilly) Learn to Use the New Data Source Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 – DevX Java-Based Frameworks Win Benchmark Shootout – DevX Enumeration Types – DevX Compiling an MSC/C++7.0 Source Code – DevX Percent Sign in SQL – DevX Transporting Dbases – DevX Using Custom LINQ Queries Using LinqDataSource Control to execute a simple LINQ Query ASP.NET‘s New LinqDataSource Control Simplifies Data Access – DevX Setting Up PhoneGap on Windows and OSX Using the Command-Line – DevX The Biggest Mobile Development Markets – DevX “Index is out of date” message appears when searching Paradox database – DevX Top 10 Tech Trends in 2010 – DevX MFC / Event Driven-Programming – DevX Windows Standard Color Dialog – DevX Using Templates for Concurrent XSLT Transformations – DevX Interface vs. Abstract Class – DevX List of keys in a .ini section – DevX Recommended JSF Enhancements for Seam Programming – DevX NumberOfCPUs – The number of processors – DevX Global Arrays – DevX Deleting a Record from the DBListBox – DevX How to Sort a Collection – DevX Controlling Exceptions in C# 6.0 – DevX Treat a Form Like a Function – DevX LongPathName – Convert a 8.3 file name to long format – DevX Heroku Tops 1.5 Million Apps – DevX SCO Away and Never Come Back – DevX Microsoft, Salesforce Announce Partnership – DevX Deleting Elements of a Container of Pointers – DevX ArrayMin – The value and index of lowest element in an array of any type – DevX Microsoft to Open Source Orleans Programming Model – DevX Encryption Debate Continues Over the Thanksgiving Holiday – DevX Load New OCXs, Error-Message Free – DevX Create and Retrieve a Named DataSet – DevX Right shift – DevX Software with which to create interactive VRML worlds – DevX Set Tempdb Database Size to a Reasonable Value and Avoid Frequent File Expansion – DevX Using Drawing Methods From DLL – DevX BlobToFile – Copy a BLOB field’s contents to a binary file – DevX Hadoop for Data Analytics: Implementing a Weblog Parser – DevX Deadlock Timeouts – DevX Focusing on Field – DevX Apply a DHTML Effect to a Specific Style – DevX Disabling Controls on Screen – DevX New PL/SQL Features in Oracle 8i: Part I – DevX Macros with Variable Number of Arguments – DevX BitCount – The number of “1” bits in a number – DevX GetScreenSnapshot – Capture a window or the entire screen – DevX Updating the End Date Field – DevX Is there a way to kill a sleeping thread? – DevX Nine Tips to Enterprise-proof MSMQ – DevX Values Resulting to Null – DevX Using the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System – DevX Updating a Table with Multiple Values – DevX Associating an Icon with an EXE File – DevX Creating a “Browse for Folder” Dialog Box – DevX SpringSource Launches Spring for Apache Hadoop – DevX Sizeof Operator – DevX Mixing cout statements with fprintf statements in the same code – DevX ODBC Slowdown – DevX Convert a Text File into Access MDB – DevX InstrRev – Backward Instr for VB4 and VB5 – DevX Synchronize Data Among Objects with the Publish/Subscribe Design Pattern – DevX Leaving Messages on the Server – DevX LogOffUser – Shut down the current user session – DevX Drawing With JavaScript – DevX Length of a PowerBuilder Structure – DevX ReplaceWordEx – Replace whole words, with your choice of delimiters – DevX Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0, Silverlight to Launch This Week – DevX Multiple Linking to a Table – DevX Using Firefox’s JavaScript Console – DevX ForceTextBoxCase – Set a textbox’s upper/lowercase style – DevX Creating Instance of InetAddress – DevX Microsoft Unveils Preview of Roslyn Compiler-as-a-Service – DevX Current Time in Query – DevX .NET Basics for the Database Developer: Take the Plunge – DevX Using JavaScript to Redirect to a New Page – DevX VC++ 5.0 and STL predicates – DevX New Features, Developer Program for Windows Phone – DevX The Difference Between #include <iostream> and #include – DevX Mutually exclusive list boxes – DevX A Cleaner Way of Doing String Comparison – DevX Using C++ for AIX Unix and Windows NT – DevX ApplyRegFile – Load the specified REG file in the registry – DevX DragControl – Drag any control using the mouse – DevX Visual C++ 5.0 compatible with C? – DevX Determine the File System Type – DevX Node.js Comes to Amazon’s Cloud – DevX XML and Oracle – DevX Connect to a Remote Database Using ASP – DevX In-Line Code – DevX Google Promises Not to Sue the Open Source Community over Patents – DevX Buffering is on by default in IIS 5 – DevX Converting Number to Date – DevX Working with Windows Forms Configuration Files in .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 – DevX Viewing Resource in Public Folder – DevX security – object permissions – DevX Changing Column Names in Oracle – DevX Check if a String Contains a Phrase – DevX Obtaining System Date Format – DevX Using the ?: operator as opposed to if…else… – DevX Bridging vs Routing – DevX Collections Are Cool! – DevX Universal Naming Convention (UNC) – DevX Tip: Understanding Usage of the getSuperclass Method on a Class Object – DevX Is Devops Bad for Developers? – DevX Char Is Not Int – DevX The DevOps Paradox – DevX Google Tutorial Shows How to Build a Recommendation Engine – DevX GetMCIErrorString – Get a description of an MCI error – DevX Amazon’s Cloud Is Five Times Bigger Than All Its Competitors Combined – DevX IsValidUsPhoneNumber – Validating a US phone number – DevX Cloning: Shallow vs. Deep Copies – DevX Declaring a bit field for a variable – DevX Introduction to the World of Mapping and Location-based Services – DevX Record date/time when updating record – DevX Getting Application’s Starting Path with the App Object – DevX Export HTML Data into Excel Files – DevX PB6 interface to VB5 – DevX WebForm1 Use CausesValidation to Prevent Unwanted Validation Checks – DevX Document Title Using Form Elements in DHTML – DevX GetRegistryValue – Read the value of a Registry key – DevX Array of pointers. – DevX Set a Non-Existing Item in a JComboBox’s Item List – DevX Integers: signed and unsigned – DevX Visual Studio Gets Bing-Powered Code Snippet Search – DevX Restoring an Exchange Server – DevX Component Fails When Used Within ASP – DevX Using IFRAME Across Browsers – DevX Feds Eye Apple for Antitrust Probe – DevX IT problems Archives – DevX Disabling Items in a Listbox – DevX Meaning of BLOB – DevX Putting Apps on Sale Nets Revenue Gains for Developers – DevX Find Constant Name – DevX Recovering Data from an Old .OST File – DevX Passing a Variable to a Compiled Program – DevX Xamarin, Sencha Announce Oracle Partnerships – DevX Heard on .NET Rocks!: SQL Reporting Services – DevX Descending index on SQL – DevX Instrumenting Applications with .NET Tracing – DevX cybersecurity Archives – DevX Limiting Number of Rows in a SQL SELECT Statement – DevX Using Generic Objects – DevX Red Hat Releases Software Collections 1.0, Developer Toolset 1.0 – DevX QuickSort—Exploiting the Principle of Exchanging Keys – DevX GetDriveSerialNumber – Retrieving the serial number of the specified drive – DevX Finding Exactly One Non-Zero Column – DevX Large Forms – DevX Create an Invoice – DevX Convert “Little-Endian” to “Big-Endian” – DevX Making the List Drop Automatically – DevX Formatting a Disk – DevX Automate Component Registration Using MTXAdmin – DevX InstallPrinter – Install a new printer on the system – DevX Determine Position of Object Relative to Page – DevX Use an ICO File as a Mouse Pointer – DevX Compressing XML—Part II, Server-Side WBXML – DevX Inserting Control Characters – DevX Printer Error Message – DevX Open and close the CD drive’s door – DevX Execute a .jar File Without All the Usual Debugging – DevX ShowOpenWithDialog – Displaying and opening a file through the “Open with…” dialog – DevX Adding Columns Via Data Ranges – DevX AWS Adds a Go SDK – DevX Applet Filename Change Problem – DevX Using Pointers as Integers – DevX The Real Reason Bezos Bought the Washington Post – DevX Orion Application Server: A Hunter in Pursuit – DevX Optimizing Design: Thumbnails – DevX Can HTML 3 allow our customers to upload their own pages? – DevX Three Cool New Features in C# – DevX SQL Server scripts in VB 6 – DevX Using 3.0 Files in 4.0 – DevX Never mix SingleUse and MultiUse classes – DevX Sending Null Values to a Required Field – DevX Virtual Function – DevX Java Directory Guidelines – DevX Canopy Launches Cloud Fabric PaaS – DevX Drawing B – DevX Help Files – DevX Deleting a structure from disk – DevX Writing to the NetServerEnum Description Field – DevX SQL Techniques for Performing Operations on Matrices – DevX Varying Length Dynamically – DevX Walmart Releases OneOps Cloud Development Tool – DevX Error, stack overflow – DevX Hibernate 3 Adds XML-Relational Persistence – DevX External file execution – DevX Memo Fields – DevX Display the Find system dialog – DevX Clearing the Contents – DevX The Hottest Development Skills of 2014 – DevX OpenTSDB Package Installation and Extracting Time Series Data Points – DevX Complex Arithmetic Without Complexities – DevX Visual Basic Fonts – DevX New Programming Language Weaves Security Into Code – DevX Parse Backend-as-a-Service Goes Freemium – DevX Creating Multiple Frames (Windows) that Work Under a Single Frame – DevX Change the width of the dropdown portion of a ComboBox – DevX Explore the Semantic Web – DevX Posting XML to Another Server – DevX Case Studies: Enterprise Apps Don’t Have to Be Boring – DevX Drag HTML Code Fragments to VID’s Toolbox – DevX Convert from cubic feet to cubic meters, and vice versa – DevX Check the Validity of the Memory Allocated to a Calling Process – DevX Build Your Own Mobile Controls – DevX Google Delays Release of Honeycomb Source Code – DevX Analyst: HTML5 Far From Killing Off Web Plug-Ins – DevX MoveListboxItem – Moving an item of a listbox to another index – DevX ChangeDriveIcon – Changing the icon of a drive – DevX Display the Windows Shortcut Wizard – DevX Designing a Pull-down Menu Over an Object – DevX ASP String Functions – DevX The Best Job of 2011: Software Engineer – DevX Giving Users a Save As Dialog Box – DevX Finding the Latest Date in SQL – DevX Formatting output – DevX Image Won’t Display in ASP Page – DevX Sun and Microsoft Defend Their Respective Enterprise Platform Security – DevX Embedded Apostrophe in a Query – DevX Visual Basic.NET, Part I: Class Structures and Interfaces – DevX Apple Teams with App Developers to Make the iPad More Appealing to Businesses – DevX frames and cgi – DevX Create console apps that return an exit code – DevX OLEAUT32 and Y2K – DevX Creating a Status Bar – DevX Avoid Improper Inheritance – DevX Keep Anchor Tags from Changing Color – DevX Building Absolute/Relative URIs – DevX Can’t change Blaze table structures – DevX PHP_MySQL_Connection PHP_TESTER WAMP Up Your Open Source Development on Windows for Free – DevX Build One Application Version for Both Windows XP and Windows Vista – DevX Copy the contents of the WebBrowser control to the Clipboard – DevX IBM Adds 5 More Services to Watson Developer Cloud – DevX Top Programming Skills for 2013 – DevX 64-bit integer support – DevX Launching Another Application from Java – DevX Assigning a Specified Memory Address to a Pointer – DevX Defy Murphy’s Law with DB2 Backup and Restore – DevX Cross Browser Database Application – DevX The const pass-by-value – DevX 3D printer Archives – DevX PerlNET: An Introduction – DevX Monitoring Mailbox Contents – DevX Small Developers to Get a Better Deal on Windows Azure – DevX Switching a Statement with a Char Array – DevX C++ – DevX Outlook Not Starting – DevX Peeking Under the Lid of Open Source .NET CLI Implementations – DevX Manipulating Strings – DevX Microsoft Azure Launches Internet of Things Service – DevX Google Plans Cloud Development Event – DevX Dynamically Create Selection Box Options – DevX SizeOf Function in Delphi – DevX Access Violation – DevX Web-enabling existing PB 6.0 Application – DevX Code an Event Procedure for Each Textbox – DevX Use SQLyog Tunneling for Secure MySQL Server Management – DevX Prompting After Setup.exe Runs – DevX Best Way to Delete Master Detail Records – DevX NOW Function in Informix Hyperscript Tools – DevX AWS Streamlines Windows AppStream Service – DevX Window Maximization – DevX #1: XML – DevX Weekday names in any language – DevX Check whether a string array contains an item (without a loop) – DevX Split Function – DevX Send E-mail from a Web Form Using WebSphere Application Server and the JavaMail API – DevX Creating Public Methods vs. Using Show Directly – DevX Dragging caption-less forms – DevX Access SQLXML Technology from .NET Apps – DevX Apple: We’ve Paid Developers $10 Billion – DevX Using SQL Server 2000 Recovery Models – DevX CodePlex Open Source Group Moves Beyond Microsoft – DevX Internet of Things Archives – DevX GetAllExecutableFiles – The list of all executable files in a directory tree – DevX data management Archives – DevX DevX Predicts: A Sneak Peek at 2004, the Year of the Document – DevX Copying Table Rows – DevX Filter Data from a Database – DevX Is Technology A Good Career Path? How to Know If It’s for You Moving from Fox for DOS to Visual FoxPro – DevX Performance—C vs C++ – DevX Detect if the Submit Button Was Pressed – DevX Tables in Borland Database Engine/Delphi – DevX time-tracking Archives – DevX How are transactions handled in OPO? – DevX Rolling 12-Month Totals – DevX Accessing Arrays – DevX Use of SocketImpl Class – DevX Making a Read-only Collection – DevX Manipulate Data in Internet Explorer with the Tabular Data Control – DevX Flexible and Powerful Data Binding with WPF, Part 2 – DevX Adding local groups to a NT Workstation – DevX Windows Registry – DevX File Input/Output – DevX LoadTextFile – Load the contents of a text file – DevX Returning data in a neatly formatted HTML page – DevX String arrays and pointers in C++ – DevX Exiting and Restarting Windows – DevX How do I implement classic algorithms in C? – DevX Change the DataSource at runtime – DevX How can I fix the problem if a user forgets a password? – DevX DuplicateListBox – Fast copy of the contents of a ListBox control – DevX Determining Object Type – DevX Microsoft Releases Office 365 APIs – DevX CompareFiles – Comparing two binary/text files – DevX Checking for File Existance – DevX An Introduction to F# for Functional Programming – DevX Efficient Window Client Area Painting in VC++ – DevX Finding Column and/or Row Height – DevX Multiple user access – DevX Correctly Convert SQL Server Floats By Jet – DevX Line Numbers Missing From Stack Trace – DevX Judging Java Timeline – 1998 – DevX Comparing Oracle Query Performance for Faster Applications – DevX QBF menu – DevX Load a Text File Into a Memo – DevX Dynamic UserObject in Tab Control – DevX DBA; Backup – DevX Is Drag-and-Drop on a Menu Item Possible? – DevX ByVal with object references – DevX Constructors and Member Variables – DevX Report: 87% of Enterprises Say It’s Hard to Find Talent with Open Source Skills – DevX Supported Graphics Formats – DevX About tables – DevX Fall In Love with Visual Basic All Over Again in Visual Studio 2008 – DevX Changing an Image Src in a DIV From Another DIV – DevX In the Eolas Patent Lawsuit, Users Lose – DevX Frame relay basics – DevX Autoforwarding Public Appointments to a Group – DevX IsNullString – Check whether a string contains white-spaces – DevX Deprecated APIs – DevX Constraints on Social Security Number – DevX Schedule Events with The Timer Class – DevX Microsoft Unveils Windows Azure Mobile Services – DevX Untitled Changing a Layer Through a Link – DevX VB and ISP and Web-based analysis – DevX LoadBinaryData – Deserializing an object from a file in binary format – DevX SetFolderIcon – Associate an icon to a folder – DevX The Lifetime of Temporary Objects – DevX Filling DBGrid Manually – DevX DrawRotateImage – rotating an image by a specified angle – DevX Available Network APIs – DevX Interplatform Networking – DevX C# 2.0 Code Refactoring – DevX Type Declarations – DevX Internationalize Your ASP.NET Applications (Part 2 of 3) – DevX GetDomainRole – Retrieving the domain role – DevX Visual Basic or Visual C++ – DevX byref variables in ActiveX component events – DevX Possible to make square rather than round radio buttons? – DevX Running Java on Non-network Local PC – DevX ADO connection to an mdb database fails – DevX VoWIP Quick Start: Getting up to Speed on VoIP on 802.11 Wireless LANs – DevX A Better Version of Bubble Sort – DevX Difference Between ‘float’ and ‘Float’ Types – DevX Calculating # of days between two dates – DevX Views in SQL – DevX Software to Create Web Pages – DevX Suppress TreeView’s tooltips – DevX Ask the Doc Detective: Moving ASP.NET Apps from Desktop to Server and More – DevX Show the contents of the Recycle Bin folder – DevX Transforming a String to Uppercase Letters – DevX Loading Icons and Other Graphics into an Application Using a Resource Bundle – DevX Enable a key-skipping mechanism for a TextBox – DevX How Code in Frame Constructs Object Whose Constructor is Declared in Another Fra – DevX Comparing Date Fields – DevX Display Recordset Data in a Paged Fashion, Part IIIa – DevX Retrieving special system paths – DevX Mouse Position – DevX Querying Your Applet’s Browser – DevX Embedding single quotes into an SQL text field – DevX Make Sure Data is Updated – DevX Verifying Whether a String Contains a Number – DevX 10 Tips for Hiring Great DevOps Engineers – DevX Accessing 2 or More Databases – DevX Tax Problem Puzzle – DevX Static Memory or Heap? – DevX Jump in the Water’s Fine: Implementing Agile – DevX Windows NT – DevX Port information – DevX IMC and Latency – DevX Constructor with static members in library – DevX ADO Recordset – DevX Record Locking using LockEdits – DevX Alternative to the BDE – DevX Splitting a TXT File – DevX Improve Performance By Building a Separate Error-Handling ASP Page – DevX Quick Way to Navigate in the HTML Editor in Visual Studio IDE – DevX SQL Server 2016 to Launch June 1 – DevX Manipulating and using large integers – DevX Converting IP Address Formats – DevX Using Tab Control – DevX Error When Setting DBCombo MatchEntry Property – DevX COM(+) Security: Follow-up – DevX Extracting Parameters from a File Using Regular Expressions – DevX Convert Hexadecimal numbers – DevX Precise Division – DevX Simplify your code with Inc and Dec functions – DevX A macro returning the current function’s name – DevX Java:java.lang.ClassFormatError – DevX I get a runtime error when I use the array delete operator – DevX Equivalent functions for Unchecked Conversion – DevX Connecting to Oracle without Configuring the tnsnames.ora File – DevX XML QuickStart – DevX “Null” method – DevX Using SaveSetting in 16 Bit Environment – DevX Stuxnet Speculation Grows: Is Worm a Cyber-war Weapon? – DevX Is Ruby on Rails 3 Finally Nearing the Finish Line? – DevX Import an XML Schema into a Stylesheet Using XSLT 2.0 – DevX Which VB for me? – DevX Letting Java in on SQL Server Notifications – DevX Encapsulate GetSettings() and SaveSettings into Property Procedures – DevX Identify “Drop Out” Columns Used in Stored Procedure Definitions – DevX Creating a Client E-mail List – DevX Using the History Object to Go to Specific Pages – DevX Functions and parameters – DevX LCM – The Least Common Multiple of two integers – DevX What’s New in Visual Basic 2005? – DevX RedHat ES 3.0 vs. SuSE Server 8.0: Battle for the Enterprise – DevX Temporary Table Creation – DevX List boxes: Default values – DevX Learn Java from the Source – DevX Black Duck Names Open Source Rookies of the Year – DevX Drawing with Direct3D, Part 2: Lighting and Textures – DevX Global Variables – DevX Determine maximum size and the position of a maximized form – DevX Accessing Information About a Class at Runtime Using an Object of the Class – DevX Getting UserID on Windows 95 and NT – DevX Retrieve the currency symbol – DevX ‘Structs and classes – DevX SQL query results error – DevX String literals are const – DevX Finding Corresponding EndIf – DevX Database Normalization/Design – DevX Create a Developer’s Extract of a Production Database – DevX Cloud Computing Goes Underwater with Project Natick – DevX Network Authentication – DevX Tip: SQL Injection, Part 1 – DevX Finalize(): Profiles from Afar – DevX A String Literal Cannot be Used as a Template Argument – DevX The pow() Function – DevX SetWallpaper – Change or remove the desktop wallpaper – DevX JavaScript QuickStart: What Is JavaScript? – DevX Write Text Files to the Client – DevX Microsoft ‘Scales Back’ Smartphone Division – DevX CSS: Fonts and Text – DevX Programming – DevX Forrester Predicts 52 Million VR Headset Sales by 2020 – DevX The status of mouse buttons – DevX Power Objects 2.02 – Can’t edit a view – DevX Programmer Researcher Accountant Sr.VP, Finance Programmer Researcher Accountant Sr.VP, Finance Working With Large Files and Data Sets – DevX Software Implementation Revolutionized – DevX DataWindow Initial Values – DevX SQL Server Errors – DevX Creating a Sorted List – DevX GetSystemInfo – Retrieve system information using Active Directory – DevX RMIC and Inner Classes – DevX How to interrupt the execution of a threaded process – DevX Rights control to the NetWare 4.x file system simplified – DevX Top 10 Reasons Not To Do a Semantic Web Project – DevX Determining the Client – DevX DrawFlipImage – flipping an image on one or both axes – DevX Modifying Enumeration Data Sources – DevX Avoid Redundant Inline Declarations – DevX ArrayMax – The value and index of highest element in an array of any type – DevX SQL Right for Visual Basic App? – DevX Modify XML Using DCOM From the Cache – DevX Making the Switch to Visual Studio 2010 – DevX Lock Windows 2000 Instantly – DevX Accessing a DBGrid Cell – DevX What Are DCT Files? – DevX Add vs String Concatenate – DevX InvokeMethod – Invoking a method via reflection – DevX DevXtra Editors’ Blog: JavaFX Team Answer the Eager and the Skeptical – DevX RemoveCloseMenuItem – Remove the Close button and command from a form – DevX enterprise software Archives – DevX Industry leader Lexis Nexis offers free online training for students – DevX Data input – DevX Introducing Pointers to Members – DevX DBmaestro Improves the DevOps Capabilities in Teamwork 3.7 – DevX SetPowerInfo – Change settings for Power-off and Low-Power features – DevX Challenge With JavaScript and Frames – DevX Creating Threads – DevX cloud data protection Archives – DevX SQL Script from Linux OS – DevX Building XML Applications with the .NET Framework 2.0 – DevX Form Spinner Control – DevX Lowercase E-mail Addresses are the Standard – DevX Dates in String Variables – DevX Lock Down Vista Security with Smart Cards – DevX Differences Between C and C++ in the Interpretation of an Empty Parameter List – DevX Dragging & dropping files on a form – DevX Holding Wireless Back: Top Failures of the Wireless Industry – DevX Protected Constructors – DevX Software Engineers Put .NET and Enterprise Java Security to the Test – DevX ShowImage – Output an image as a binary stream to the Response object – DevX SQL Trouble – DevX What does AFX stand for? – DevX Implementing Push Technology in WAP – DevX Exchange Temp Files – DevX Using SoapHexBinary Class for Byte and String Conversions – DevX Context-sensitive help – DevX Using SELECT * on a Table with the Column Type NTEXT – DevX Counting Bits – DevX Bypass the ‘RePost’ Message – DevX Declarations With Implicit int Aren’t Permitted – DevX Survey: 50% of Large Enterprises Use AWS – DevX Report: China Is Likely Attacking GitHub – DevX Registering Apps as services – DevX Securing Images on Your Site – DevX ValidateVBName – Check a variable’s or procedure’s name – DevX E-mail Forwarding With Exchange 5.5 – DevX MFC applications – DevX Logging HikariCP Activity in Spring Boot – DevX Writing Provider-Independent Data Access Code with ADO.NET 2.0 – DevX Efficiency of SQL Searches – DevX ExecuteBatch – Executing a batch of OleDb commands – DevX Encountering Tabular Data Control Error – DevX Slim Down Your Flash MX Animations with Graphic Symbols and Movie Clips – DevX Will VBScript Ever Be Platform Independent? – DevX Joining Syntax, Table Alias, and the As keyword – DevX GetLocalHostIpAddresses – Retrieving the array of IP addresses for the local host – DevX Debugging the OCX, DLL, or EXE – DevX Correct usage for binary compatibility settings – DevX Passing Arguments to ASP pages – DevX Exception specifications – DevX What are virtual LANs and how do they function? – DevX Sorting in a ListView – DevX ContainerX Launches Its Platform – DevX Finding Exactly Two of Three – Conditions – DevX Micrometirics for CI/CD pipeline – DevX Infor Touts Enterprise Application Design Capabilities – DevX Hidden Variant variables – DevX Visual FoxPro 6 and Microsoft Word Tables – DevX Survey: 65% of Enterprises Contribute to Open Source Projects – DevX Loading Database Name at Runtime – DevX Good Search Capabilities Often Trump Good Logic – DevX Prevent a Document from Getting Cached – DevX How to read data file into SQL tables – DevX Entering Large Amounts of Text – DevX xp_cmdshell and Windows Apps – DevX Opening New Windows With iframes – DevX What happens to dangling pointers in java? – DevX Type conversion – DevX Split2 – A Split variant that parses multiple lines of text – DevX Stop Data Input Errors Before They Start – DevX Using Control Collections – DevX SCG technology Archives – DevX Filter – A replacement for VB6’s Filter function under VB5 – DevX Linux Commands: Using the “Manpage” – DevX Optimize and Enhance the Paged Recordset Techniques – DevX Refreshing a Menu – DevX Google Slashes Cloud Pricing – DevX GetUrlParameters – Retrieving the key-value pairs from the specified url – DevX Implement a Dynamic Tomcat Cluster with Mod_Cluster – DevX Key combinations – DevX ASP components and WebClasses may not print correctly – DevX TranslateColor – Convert a VB color or system color constant – DevX Passing Info to Word Processing Template – DevX Using Global Class Objects – DevX EJB Messaging, Part II: Message-Driven Beans – DevX Test for “File Exist” the Right Way – DevX Building Multithreaded Java Applications – DevX Using the Const_cast Operator – DevX IsStringLower – Determine whether a string contains only lowercase chars – DevX Quickly swap assignment operands – DevX Don’t use = operator on Date values – DevX How do I add sound to my app? – DevX Get full control on the text typed in a TreeView’s node – DevX ClassFormatError – DevX Open Source Intrusion Detection: No-cost System Lockdown – DevX JoinQuote2 – A Join variant that works with 2-dimensional arrays and quoted strings – DevX Disabling Right Clicker on Mouse – DevX Make the Right Comparison – DevX Event handling with multiple scrollbars – DevX SQL Application Security – DevX Red Hat Launches OpenShift Marketplace – DevX Date Time Values in Parameterized Queries – DevX What are the alternatives to VRML? – DevX Different Toolbar Text from Toolbar Tip Text – DevX What is the best Netscape plug-in for viewing VRML files? – DevX Delphi console application – DevX Insert Trigger on Parent Table – DevX Surveys: IT Job Satisfaction Plummets to All-Time Low – DevX Grid Enable Your Java Applications with GridGain – DevX Determine Absolute Cursor Coordinates – DevX Insert Statement Problem – DevX Teach Your Old Web Cam New Tricks: Use Video Captures in Your .NET Applications – DevX Microsoft Partners with Facebook, Hortonworks for Hackathons – DevX Color Dialog (Common Dialog) – DevX Set a Column’s Default Value As Part of the Create Table – DevX Survey: 54% of Java Developers Plan to Upgrade to Java 8 Within a Year – DevX GetSqlServerDatabases – Retrieving the name of the installed SQL Server databases – DevX MMX code in C++ – DevX Monitoring Line Status – DevX TransposeMatrix – Rotate a bi-dimensional array – DevX Compound key – DevX Identifying Tables Without Primary Keys in SQL – DevX Public Folder Synchronization – DevX GetClassesByInterface – Retrieve all the classes that implement a given interface – DevX IIF Command in SQL Server – DevX iPhone Web Development with Ruby on Rails – DevX Generate a Unique Whole Number – DevX OptionButtonIndex – Determine the selected OptionButton in a control array – DevX Simulate a PDA in a Web Page – DevX StringTokenizer: Multiple Delimiter Characters – DevX VR Archives – DevX ADO.NET vNext Part 3: Querying with LINQ – DevX Report: ‘Windows Azure’ to Become ‘Microsoft Azure’ – DevX Calling a DOS Command – DevX CreateEmf – creating an Enhanced Metafile (EMF) from a bitmap image – DevX Demand for Pay-per-Use Software Pricing Will Force a Reassessment of the Industry’s Framework – DevX OpenStack’s Global Reach – DevX double pointer – DevX Popping Up a Form – DevX Declaring Form Objects – DevX Offscreen buffer – DevX Prevent a second process instance from running – DevX Deleting/Expanding a Column – DevX Application Composition, Agile Development Rapidly Gaining Ground – DevX GetComPlusAppRoleMembers – Retrieving a COM+ Application role’s members – DevX Getting All Files in a Directory – DevX Dispatching Mouse Events – DevX Sorting by Year From a Date Column – DevX Google Says I/O Event Will Focus on Developers, Not New Products – DevX Scroll() Function – DevX Converting long to two integers – DevX 32-Bit GetModuleUsage Workaround – DevX Retrieve the rowCount Without Looping – DevX Creating Java Applet to Play .au File on Startup – DevX Use reinterpret_cast<> operator for unsafe, non-portable casts – DevX Ensuring Single Instance – DevX Get the Windows temporary directory (without any API call) – DevX BDE Engine Error When Installing Delphi 3 – DevX Ensuring Proper Cleanup in the Case of an Uncaught Exception – DevX ShuttleMergeSort – An improved MergeSort – DevX Prevent Viewing of Pages After Logout From Session – DevX An Alternative STL Implementation – DevX Google App Engine Experiences Outage – DevX DownloadFile – Downloading and saving the file at the specified URI – DevX Comparing Columns from Different Tables – DevX Dynamically Adding Controls – DevX Using cin.good() to Check Inputted Numbers – DevX Debugging in Visual C++ – DevX How to stop date (user function) from recalculating – DevX Authenticate the UDDI Server and Gain Access to the UDDI Registry – DevX FindControlRecursive – Find a control in a hierarchy of controls – DevX Identity Primary Key column – DevX Dell to Buy EMC for $67 Billion – DevX CreateDataReader_Sql – Create a SqlClient Data Reader – DevX SQL with Unix Arguments – DevX Standard Input Exception – DevX Where to put code you want to run every time a new record is read into buffer – DevX FilterByType – filtering the results of Type.FindMembers by thier return type – DevX Insert Large Numbers of Rows into a Database Table with PL/SQL – DevX Signals and Public Slots Blocks – DevX Create arrowed buttons without icons – DevX Check whether the user is working off-line – DevX ASP Error: ODBC Driver General Error – DevX Use join() to Check if a Thread Has Finished – DevX Set Your onclick Event to Occur on the Client Before the Server – DevX Simplifying Date Data Entry, Part III – DevX Display Read-Only Data on Your Web Pages – DevX Difference Between Instance and Object – DevX IsConnectedToInternet – Check whether there is an Internet connection – DevX Microsoft Updates SQL Server with Hybrid Cloud Computing Capabilities – DevX Another Way to Execute a Process Without a Hang – DevX Friend class and function – DevX BubbleSort – Sort Arrays using the BubbleSort Algorithm – DevX Walmart’s OneOps Could Merge With OpenStack – DevX Adding a userobject to a userobject at run-time? – DevX int and class defination – DevX MSDN Is Indispensible For Those Off-The-Wall Errors – DevX Creating a LIST_SELECT Event – DevX System commands – DevX DOS to Windows Conversion – DevX Linqual Lets SQL Developers Access the Power of Hadoop – DevX ConcatenateFiles – Concatenating multiple text files – DevX Force the Short-Circuit – DevX Converting a System Date to a Text String – DevX Inheritance design – DevX Page Redirection – DevX How to Emit a Beep? – DevX ResetControls – Reset the value for the input array of controls – DevX Call waiting – DevX Modernize Your MDI Apps – DevX Showing “&” Character in Labels – DevX teamwork Archives – DevX Equivalent to fork()? – DevX WAP Configuration – DevX Reformat User-Entered Data Before You Validate – DevX Mobile App Downloads Climb 11% – DevX Reference Counted Implementation – DevX Rebooting NT from VB – DevX Hexadecimal Array – DevX New Registry Functions – DevX Addressing User Comments About Performance Issues – DevX Heap Issue – DevX Send NET SEND Messages – DevX Survey Highlights Shortage of Mainframe Developers – DevX Can’t see tables – DevX Display Date and Time of File Upload – DevX CloudSigma and OpenVPN Partner to Provide Secure, Remote Access to Public Cloud Deployments – DevX GROUP BY: Sorting with an Additional Column – DevX Using Me Object – DevX Dealing with Wildcard Characters in Oracle – DevX Finding the TAN of a Given Number – DevX Datawindow column sorting – DevX Call a Function Across Frames – DevX Using Seek Method – DevX Finding Out if a User Has Disabled Cookies – DevX Blobs and Java – DevX SetIEOptionsEnabled – Decide whether IE Options dialog is enabled – DevX Pure Virtual Functions Declared as Private in C++ Classes – DevX Five Practical XQuery Applications – DevX Cleaning Up Old Dumps – DevX Creating a Dialog Box – DevX Create Numeric-Input Text Boxes – DevX Preventing Program’s Crash due to a Pure Virtual Function’s Call – DevX Inserting rows – DevX Calling a Function Through a Pointer – DevX Process Local Storage – DevX Entering Information Into Two Tables at Once – DevX Reading Files on Client Machines – DevX Reduced overhead when working with disconnected Recordsets – DevX Changing NT 4.0 File Ownership – DevX Tail Recursion – DevX LinkedIn Unveils Dr. Elephant Hadoop Tuning Tool – DevX Monitoring and Managing Tomcat Clusters Using JMX – DevX WAP and Packet Formats – DevX Examining how Many Elements a Container is Currently Holding – DevX XML: We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – DevX Possible to use predefined global variables to print reports? – DevX Local SQL – DevX Catching to Log in Java – DevX Using Web Color – DevX VID 1 Environment Mystifying – DevX Faster string comparison with the Is operator – DevX BIOS Version Information – DevX Profiling in Oracle 8i – DevX How can I implement a counter on my page? – DevX Closing MDI Child Window Via Button on CFormView Derived Class – DevX Why does a single text input field submit by Enter, but not more? – DevX How to Search for Date and Time Values Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – DevX Max file size PB can open – DevX COUNT Function: Getting a Series – DevX Top 10 Android 2.2 Features Developers Can’t Wait to Use – DevX Can static variables of a class be accessed and modified by any member function? – DevX DataTable2CSV – Saving a DataTable to a CSV file – DevX BackgroundHorizontalGradient – Paint an horizontal gradient background – DevX Conditional Sorting in T-SQL – DevX Cron Job Listing in Linux – DevX Android 2.2 and Its Previous Versions: A Sweet Developer Review – DevX Show the Page Download Status in a WebBrowser Control – DevX Judging Java Timeline – 1999 – DevX Functions Returning Arrays – DevX Video Surveillance: Enabling Remote Login and Displaying the Data – DevX The Uses of Fundamental Types’ Constructors – DevX Determining the OS using API – DevX DECODE Function – DevX ShowHtmlHelp – Show a HTML Help page – DevX Kanye West Is Looking to Hire Developers – DevX Highlight HTML Text With BACKGROUND-COLOR – DevX Apigee Launches Free API Management Services – DevX NT and Windows 95/98 Network Integration – DevX Microsoft Queuing Frameworks: SQL Service Broker vs. MSMQ – DevX Understanding VS.NET public and private assemblies – DevX Checking for MDI Children – DevX Ruby Comes to the .NET Platform – DevX Variant Records – DevX Void Pointer and -> Operator – DevX HPE to Build Docker Containers into Its Servers – DevX Problem with Streams – DevX Validating and Formatting a Phone Number – DevX Convert Text to Proper Case – DevX Red Hat Releases OpenShift Enterprise – DevX ADODB.connection – DevX List Selection Actions – DevX InputBox Function: Type Mismatch Errors – DevX Retrieving Table List – DevX Adobe Q1 Earnings Beat Estimates – DevX Memory Initialization Problems – DevX CloneObject – cloning an object by serializing it to a memory stream – DevX Implementing Enumerated Types in Java – DevX Survey: Collaborative Development Is Increasing – DevX FormatPhoneNumber – Format a phone number – DevX Application Termination – DevX Using Ports with Informix – DevX Transport a List – DevX Tab Control – DevX Session Abandon Does Not Stop Back Button – DevX Create Intelligent E-mail Filters with JavaMail and Classifier4j – DevX A Simple Right Mouse Click – DevX Keep Your SQL Server Indexes Fragmentation Free – DevX Is there a Mac-based modeler that outputs VRML? – DevX SetCommandsTransaction – Assign a transaction to the DataAdapter’s commands – DevX Generate Rule-Based Random Strings – DevX Explore the Latest Trends in Big Data and Analytics – DevX What is SQL? – DevX Serialization and Events – DevX Regular Expression Validation in XSD – DevX Error messages – DevX The new Operator – DevX CopyURLToFile – Download a file from the Internet via FTP or HTTP – DevX Integer Size – DevX Size of C++ executable – DevX SMS Messaging Using the .NET Compact Framework – DevX Implementing a two-way sorting for the DataGrid control – DevX Getting Network Login ID – DevX How to Void a Cookie and Delete it from the Browser – DevX Two Studies Say NSA Spying Will Harm Cloud Computing Industry – DevX Misalignment of Columns – DevX Two-dimensional array – DevX Browser size determination and tables – DevX Quickly Copy a File Path in Windows Explorer – DevX FoxPro Commands and the ODBC Driver – DevX Cloud Development: Creating Services to Run in a Cloud Environment – DevX Salesforce to Invest $100 Million in European Cloud Computing – DevX Indexing Remote Views – DevX Moonlighting Within Microsoft, in Pursuit of New Apps – DevX Exclude code portions with the Conditional attribute – DevX C++ (MFC) – DevX Opening a Topic Through Code – DevX Learning VB 5.0 – DevX InstrTbl – Search a string for any character in a table – DevX Different Versions of Delphi and the BDE – DevX Find Methods, Events, and Properties Using VID’s Object Browser – DevX Most runtime errors don’t rollback transaction – DevX Intel Bolsters its Tool Offerings For Developers – DevX Executing a Member Function Before main() – DevX Running an External Program – DevX File Security Under NT/2000 – DevX Will ‘Continuous Delivery’ Transform the Production of Software? – DevX In Search of Sample Code – DevX SearchFileOnPath – Search a file on system path – DevX Using the Implements Statement – DevX A Reference to a Reference is Illegal – DevX Make a Form Stay on Top – DevX Software Progress Beats Moore’s Law – DevX Set Up a Simple Syndication Feed Using RSS – DevX An enhanced VB DatePart function – DevX Replacing shareware GUI with Java GUI running inside browser – DevX The Lifetime of a Bound Temporary Object – DevX Lenovo Thinkpad e585 | Full Review – DevX A Safe Way to Stop a Java Thread – DevX “Shrink” the Size of a File – DevX CreateDataReader – Create a DataReader over any connection – DevX Discovering if the input connection string is for the Oracle managed provider – DevX VolumeLabel – Read the label of a disk volume – DevX RotatePicture – Rotate a 256-color bitmap by any angle (super-optimized version) – DevX Hosting Multiple Domains – DevX Right-Justifying Output – DevX OLE client – DevX Scheduling A Visual Basic app on NT – DevX HPE Launches IoT Platform – DevX Command Line Arguments – DevX Static vs. Dynamic SQL – DevX Object Generation: A Better Approach to Hibernate Integration – DevX iPhone Developer, $13.44/Hour – DevX Finding duplicate values in a table – DevX